Jan 21, 2020

Did I Have To Make It So Hard ?

I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew !
I don't know what I was thinking when I chose my fine-point pen and decided to do 6 million dots !!!
eGads !
I have always enjoyed the challenge of pointillism but 15 drawings, even as small as they are, seems a daunting task as I come to the end of the first drawing. I think I'm stuck tho' as changing my mark making now will not be good for the over-all look of my (imagined, at this point) sketchbook.
Carry on Threadpainter ! You can do this !
just a thousand more dots and my signature - drawing done !

Jan 17, 2020

I Bit The Bullet !

The Sketchbook Project -1st ink drawing

detail of still untitled sketchbook project
Oh, yeah ... that was hard ! But forward and onward, right ?
A few titles are popping in and out of the old brain ... some questionable ;
'ROAD TRIP' .... too obvious ?
'DRIVE-BY SHOOTINGS (PHOTOS !) ... probably NOT good ... but that's what they are !
'POINT A TO POINT B' ...     ?
... this will take a while !

Jan 13, 2020

A Plain Brown Wrapper

It's small ... 5"x7" ... in a plain, brown wrapper ...the rules are simple ... creativity 'to the moon, Alice !
One of the members of my fibre art group, Connections Fibre Artists, found this little gem of an idea on the internet ... buy a little sketchbook for $30.00 and fill it with your own art, send it back by the middle of August and it would become a permanent entity in the Brooklyn Art Library.

"The Sketchbook Project is the world's largest library of artist's books, crowd-sourced from every corner of the globe.The project is changing the way creative people share their work while creating a worldwide community resource. By filling a sketchbook, you are joining te movement, adding your voice and becoming a part of something huge. Draw, write, collage, cut print, photograph - it starts with an idea. Fill up your book, send it back and join the collection. Create an account and connect your book at: sketchbookproject.com/register "

Because we were ordering 10 books, we got a discount on the cost ;)
A few words, that I have quoted above, got me hooked; share, adding your voice, become a part of something huge ... and , of course, connect !
Of course it doesn't hurt that MY sketcbbook will become part of a collection of 45,000 artists from 130 countries !! Holey Moley !
I'm in !

As per last post, the organizing of photos took a few trys.  !! I boiled down my choices from 62 photos to 15, which appropriately represents a trip through Southwestern Ontario to midway into Northern Ontario. Not an outstanding trip on a very dreary December day, but representing 4-5 hrs of constant driving from point A to point B, with only 2 pit stoops for a pee.
;) Unbeknownst to the viewers of said sketchbook, the end of our one-way drive resulted in a joyous 2 days with our very youngest grandchildren and 2 of our lovely daughters and sons-in-laws ;)

So, yesterday, I took it one step further (still reluctant to put ink to paper) and cropped my photocopies, folded them in half and placed each pic between the pages where they will be drawn. It's that 'blank page' syndrome that has me hesitant ... but only a matter of a few more times leafing through the book till I start to add a few pencil horizons/guidelines and I will begin !

Jan 9, 2020

A Creative 2020 To You All

I remember thinking not too long ago ... well, actually a LONG time ago ... that 2020 was a year that I probably wouldn't see !
Going back a little further than that, I remember hoping that I would never turn 30 ... 'cause all 30 yr. olds were very old ! ... I never wanted to be that old ! ;) Oh, if I could be 30 again !
Now here I am, on the cusp of my 72nd year, hoping like hell that I live to be at was at least 92 !! Twenty more years ... I think I'd like to be 92.
Right now I am afraid of leaving this earth, therefore I think I am not ready.  I think if I was ready, I wouldn't be afraid.
Besides, I want to see a few greatgrandbabies before I depart this world.
Selfish of me ?
I guess.

What phrase do you still remember your mother/father saying ... a lot ... that stuck ... and pops up more than you ever thought it would ?
My mother pronounced very often that 'hell is right here on earth' !
I catch myself thinking/saying this very thought way too often ! I think she may have been right.
Terrible things are happening right here on earth ... I don't think we need to go to hell to find worse ! Wild fires destroying a whole continent as well as many of it's unique animal species going extinct because of the all-consuming fires.
Planes crashing/exploding, killing hundreds of human beings on a regular basis.
Volcanoes and earthquakes killing thousands more.
Dictators killing millions of their own people for the sake of religion.
Countries firing missiles in a display of power, threatening many more millions of people.
Our oceans filling up with discarded plastics killing off so many more species.
Priveleged billionaires pushing countries to the edge of war for the all mighty dollar !
Woe is me.
Will my greatgrandbabies have a world to be born into ? ... will it be safe to live there ?

My genealogy research shows me that my mitochondrial DNA is 20,000 years old ... it has survived female to female all this time ... I'd hate to think that now, in a short time, it will probably be wiped out. Is this why it has survived 20,000 years ?? For naught ?? What on earth does the future hold ?
I digress.
I came to talk about being creative.

My creativity is fairly strong at present, which surprises me after many months of 'not doing', as setting up a new home had priority.
I am on the forefront of 32 ink drawings ... or maybe 16 ... or maybe a lot less !! ;) ... the sorting has begun. I photocopy my photos in B&W ... for ink, I don't need colour !

In the previous post I mentioned a road trip from my new home in southwestern Ontario to the Near North, Ontario. I took many 'drive-by' shootings of the round trip. 62 drive-by shootings to be exact.

Done ... decision made ... 15 ink drawings coming up. Wish me luck ... the deadline is August 2020.
The Sketchbook Project

Jan 2, 2020

A Busy End To 2019 !

Our 1st Christmas alone since 1972, just the 2 of us, in a new house, in a rural town, and surprisingly, very easy and very lovely. 

Our new town is now a conglomerate of 3 rural towns under one name ... Minto. 
Minto is a town in midwestern Ontario, Canada, on the Maitland River in Wellington County. It is named for Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 4th Earl of Minto; 8th Governor General of Canada. Population: 8,671 (as of 2016).

After opening gifts to each other, we headed to the other side of town (all of 2 minutes) to our son's house to share gift opening with his family of 5 and breakfast ... such a nice treat not to have to cook !!
Later in the afternoon we were off again, this time to our son's, in-laws house to have Christmas dinner with d-i-l's parents and her 2 brothers. Such a gracious couple, so willing to share Christmas dinner with us. Before and after dinner, games of euchre kept the chatter and sharing at a high.

The next morning, there was an awesome window of good traveling weather so we took advantage and headed out on a road trip across southwestern Ontario up towards the Near North, Ontario to visit 2 of our daughters there and their families ... so nice to see all 5 of the little grands, colds and all !
 On the drive there ... almost 5 hrs one way, I had time to mull over what on earth I was going to draw in my little 'The Sketchbook Project'. Several members of my fibre group are also participating !
The 5"x7" sketch book has 16 pages ... that's 32 pages to draw on, paint, stitch, you name it ! I had already decided that I wanted to do ink drawings in my little book, probably of winter trees because I love the look of a naked tree against a snowy background ... then, as interesting trees, enroute, were catching my eye, the camera came out. From the passenger seat I am able to get some very nice photos and once I'm drawing I can eliminate or improve any blurry areas ... I call these 'drive-by shootings'. I would really like to use this as my title of my sketch book ! Dare I ?  I'll make a more informed decision as my drawings progress. The drawings will now be of our road trip to North Bay, in the Near North, from Southwestern Ontario. The day was kind of dreary but I think I can improve on the mood as I draw. 'Road Trip' would also make a great title !
Looking towards the centre of the city from the 5th floor of our friend's condo.

New Years Day was spent back in our home town with a dear friend, his dau. & s-i-l ... great food, great wine, great friends !
It's already Jan2, 2020 ! I'd better get to work !
Hope you all had a very Happy New Year bash/get-together/dinner/family time ! 
And wishing you a very happy & creative brand new decade !

Dec 14, 2019

People ! It's Almost Christmas !!

Are you ready ?
I am as ready as I will ever be for this year ... tree's up ... baking's done ... present's are ready ... and the get-together's have begun !
Looks bigger than it really is ... it's standing on an end table beside the couch
Wow, I am amazed at myself, guess I still have some gas in the tank afterall !

I have missed blogging and sharing with new-found friends out there and although I haven't figured out how to receive your comments directly on my blog I still hope you are there  ... directly emailing me works, too. 
But the best reason for getting to my blog today was a post from fellow fibre artist, Arlee ,who brought up the point of how much fun we had before Facebook and Instagram. 
Wouldn't it be nice to see a blogging revival ?
Read Arlee's post here
Let's try again !

Merry Christmas, Everyone !

Nov 30, 2019

Twice In Two Days !!

Just had to show you what 3 purges prior to moving out of my old house and at least 3 more purges in the first 4 weeks of moving into my new home looks like;

The first photo ... lovely big closet just for me and my most precious 'stuff' !
A large plastic tower of drawers (right) and a stack of bins (centre) holding threads, favourite experimental cloths, beads, found objects. acrylic paints, sketch books and tools.
The tower to the left is 1 of 2, in that corner, that store my xmas decorations.
The closet shelf holds my most essential books - watercolours 'cause when I'm grown I want to be a watercolour artist, photo albums and genealogy files.
I hope that in 6 months time it still looks organized !

In the second photo, some of my old favourites and some special drawings and paintings from 2 of my granddaughters that they did in high school. 
And a nice big table where computer work is done and my sewing machine 
stands patiently waiting.

I think I'm all set ! Now for the ideas to flow !!

Nov 26, 2019

Dropping in to say 'hello' !
It's been a rough couple of month's since I was here last ... I've purged and packed up a house we have lived in for 42 years ! A fantastic feat, even if I do say so myself... WOW!

The old house was one in which my husband was raised in ... so a very tough time for Hubby.
The new house is so much smaller (yet, at the same time, not !) and so much easier to manage ... and all the 'stuff' we wanted to bring with us actually fits ! I use the 2nd bedroom as a studio/guest room/computer hub ... and the closet holds all the trappings that a decent fibre artist requires. In that closet are xmas decoration bins, office supplies and a big box of genealogy notes. There is lots of wall space for some special art to be hung.

I am on the computer today, after 3 weeks of no wifi, internet, TV or music ! All that time free of those vices allowed me the time to purge my 'stuff' ... 2 & 3 times more. I've emptied umpteen boxes and  have broken skin and fingernails ... but it's done, the internet has been installed and life is marching forward.

No new art to show you but here is our new abode.
That's my trusty Dodge sitting at my front door
.. kitchen window to the right.

My studio/guest room/office t
to the left of my front door.
I am on an end unit, which is nice
... 5 other 2 berm units are attached.

...my cosy living room at the back of the bungalow

it's dark in my studio tonight
as I write this post ... no art going on yet !
but I did get my kitchen organized today, finally !
Will be back soon. I will attempt one more time to figure out why I cannot comment back to you, but know I love and appreciate every word you reply to me. Hugs, Sharron

Jul 23, 2019

Portraits ~ Machine Embroidery On Water-Soluble

The following portraits began with a 'selfie' in 2013. 
At that time I was interested in doing portraits of my direct female line with old photos that I had of my gr.gr.grandmother, my grandmother and my mother. 
In 2017 I was informed that my mitochondrial DNA had been newly recorded as being 20,000 yrs old ... WOW ... my mind did some major flips, my imagination was unstoppable, resulting in a portrait that I imagine may be what my ancestral 'mother' may have looked like 20,000 yrs. ago.

Ancient Ancestor of the mtDNA sequence A1438G

Margaret Davidson Deacon
Esther Irene Deacon Currie
Laura Irene Currie Deacon - being blocked

Sharron Deacon Begg...................................................................................................................................................................

And Then; along came a need for a show .... Evelyn Nesbitt representing an antique corset for; 

Wellington County Museum & Archives
Fergus, Ontario, Canada
Opening Sunday, September 15, 2019

This old corset was found in the walls of an old hotel that was being renovated. I have tried to replicate the lace. Evelyn Nesbitt was one in a stable of young beautiful women who modelled these corsets and other clothing for Ladies Wear advertisements in newspapers and magazines around 1900.

May 7, 2019

“The Secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well.” ... John D. Rockefeller

I Try !  I really try. 
My forte is free-motion machine embroidery.
I realized this 37 years ago. 
Why have I decided it was a great idea to try hand stitching is beyond me.
Don't get me wrong, I so enjoy the solitude, the peacefulness of hand-stitching but there was a reason for my love of machine embroidery !
My wedding dress is taking it's toll on my body. Being on the road to 'older than dirt', the hand stitching is affecting my elbow, my shoulder and all the muscles in between. I have taken a short break to allow my old body to recoup (hopefully) and my eyes to rest as well. Being myopic doesn't help when bi-focals are useless for doing such fine work.
So, back to my beloved sewing machine !
Started painting a background for 'Helena' yesterday and have decided to enter her in a show next month.  I am also trying to come up with a different title for my Cro-Magnon woman.