Mar 5, 2018

Hello again !
Thank you rtquilter for jogging me out of my blogger malaise !
Again, I am just home from housesitting and have imported all of my mobile phone photos to my Mac. I just hate working on that small phone.

I have news that might shock you !!
I am stitching a whole piece completly BY HAND !!  ... yes ! BY HAND !!!

The base of this piece is a print on fabric. A painting on plastic run through a printing press onto fabric !!!
It was done about 15 yrs. ago and has been hanging around ever since, waiting patiently for some attention. While I was basting it to a backing I considered adding rafia ... to represent the vines attached to the trellis that was barely visible in the print ... so I attached brown paper (by hand) for the trellis, then added the winding 'rafia' vines ... and, well, why start up the machine now ?, I asked myself  It isn't a pce. that I need to get ready for a show, nor for anything, so why not find out what 'slow stitch' is like? I'm enjoying it because there is no pressure to get it done fast ... it's just sitting there for any moment that I have free, to sit down, to stitch, to think.
Needless to say, this is a true 'slow stitch' for these arthritic hands. One strand of thread stitched is about my limit at a time.

The 'foundation' is another experiment from about the same time ... cut out circles of felt covered in gauze and plaster. I am just starting to add thread haphazardly to emphasize some areas.
I'll post this finished in a few more years ;)

Nov 17, 2017


Hello Blogger friends !
I am finally back in to my blog ! 
I have been so upset worrying and wondering what I could possibly have done to make access to my blog just dissappear. Last month I sent mesage after message to Blogger Help to no avail ! Tonight I did a lot of 'fine print' reading, changed a few passwords 'et voila' ... I'm back in !! For how long is yet to be seen.

Quick catch-up; not a whole lot of new work being done ... but a whole lot on one piece ! 
My latest portrait is of my mother, Laura Irene Currie, which I have been sewing intermittently since the begining of Sept. Of course September is the month that I take as a retreat by myself, camping in my favorite Canadian Provincial Park. Not true camping but the more comfortable ... senior camping, in a 27' trailer with electricity, AC, furnace (if I need it) etc., etc. 
This year  the weather was absolutely lovely ! The forest canopy, the chipmunks and the deer ... and the beach !!! ... all so beautifully completing the experience.
Weekends usually saw company from home arriving Fri. nites and leaving Sun. afternoon ... the rest of the week to muself.

My grandson, above, had come with his father the night before I arrived to help set up my trailer. Sept. 4th was a bit dark and cool and rainy but that didn't stop either one of them from throwing themselves into the cool lake water.

hubby came for the weekend - it gets cool under the canopy

looking from my trailer down through the trees, past my nearest neighbour, to the lake

Jul 8, 2017

Esther Is Ready For Her Debut !

What a lovely week as far as weather goes ! Sunny, warm, some breeze and lovely skies.  And I mention this as we have had one of the wettest, darkest and coldest springs/summers in a long while ... so very noteworthy !
My peonies were exquisite  ... for exactly 3 days ... then the heavy rains bowed their beautiful heads.

My daughter is settled in her new home, deer and black bear are walking across her lawns and the 3 little girls are happy and excited. Daddy is glad to have his family at home (his hometown) after 5 mos. of commuting weekends to be with them here. 
Grandma is coming to terms (but, slowly yet) that they are so far away... yeah, I know !, 4 hrs is a cake-walk for some of you :( :(
And I thank you all, so much, for sharing your kind words and thoughts with me ... you words are very comforting and you are truly appreciated :) :)

Luckily for me, this week was a busy one. I finished and packaged 'Esther' for her debut in our next show ;

by Connections Fibre Artists.
Would love it if you could join me 
at the OPENING this 
Friday, July 14, 7-9pm

Esther Irene Deacon Currie
Esther has been a more difficult piece for me. I know that my mixed emotions these last 10 months, has played a major part ... but she seems happy and I can hardly wait to see her hanging on a gallery wall. Her name 'Esther' is sewn in an arc just above the leaves (easier to read when up front and personal) and the year of her birth is written in a leaf ... can you spot it ?

And then there is this piece ... finally finished ... inspired by a photo from a friends' vacation in Costa Rica ... of a building in ruin but slated for renovations hence the attempt to close it off from traffic with what looks like re-bar.  
See Study Of A Ruin
Adding the re-bar to the surface after canvas was stretched
- re-bar is painted sticks from a sushi mat - closer-up
Study Of A Ruin
On Wednesday I joined 4 others for a lovely drive to Collingwood to have lunch at the Tremont Artists Studio Galleries with Helen, Ann, Elizabeth & Penny, on the patio. You can see our waiter's reflection in the window taking our photo ;) 
And an equally lovely drive on Friday to Stratford, Ontario with Elizabeth to deliver some pieces for the show opening there next week ... and finishing with a great lunch at the Desert Rose Cafe in Elora, Ontario !!!
Now if the next few weeks go as nicely and as quickly, I won't have a minute to spend on my achy-breaky heart ;)

Jul 6, 2017

I Did My Best To Deny This Was Happening :(

great friends as well as cousins
Amelia 5, Breton, 5 Sabrina 3, Cole 4
Well ... the time has come !
These 4, who have lived within blocks of each other, are now looking at 4 hr. drives for family get-togethers. The will really miss each other !
I will miss these 2 little girls and their sister, Hannah, so much.
I will miss my daughter Sarah more than I can say ... she is my baby.
But, Skype, Facetime, etc., are teaching me new computer skills ;)
And, like a dear friend says ... 'it's not Australia' ... where her son is headed next month !
Aren't we lucky that we live in these days of computer technology ???

Jun 17, 2017

Grandma Has Arrived !

Finally, my grandmother, Esther Irene Deacon Currie, has arrived after almost a year in waiting !
She has been very patient with me and suffered through several cosmetic surgeries to get her recognition. Yesterday a photo of her was sent to Gallery Stratford for her place in the Connections Fibre Artists new show 'Running With Fibre'. The new show opens July15th and, although she won't be running, she will take her place alongside 25 other, fabulous pieces of fibre art.
'Rena', as she was known, rinsed, stretched and blocked to dry
Esther Irene Deacon Currie 1902 - 1961
Now, my intention is to do my mother next in this '4 shades of grey, posterized' look that I have so enjoyed doing. After that I will start on my 3 daughters ... and, if all goes well, my 6 grand daughters ! Sounds a little ambitious, I know ! Then, if I have time, I will do a portrait of my sister, her daughter and little gr.daughter.  
I'd like to document the fact that all these women share a common mtDNA sequence ~ a sequence that is documented to be 20,000 years old ... that's a long way back ! ... but passed down from mother to daughter all the way. (sons have their mother's mtDNA but do not pass it on ... interesting, eh ?!!

May 9, 2017

Quite Surreal

It isn't very often that like a photo of myself, but recently, at our opening of ARTeFACTS ~ Connections to Wellington County, a dear friend happened to take that one photo that I actually love !
I wish I looked glamourous and younger, but I've finally accepted the fact that 'cripes, I'm no spring chicken ... nearly 70' !! And, in my new opinion, not looking too bad for 11 mos. short of 70, still standing and still waking up on this side of the dirt.
Margaret Davidson Deacon and her gr.granddaughter, Sharron Deacon Begg
In this photo, I am standing beside my 'posterized' threadpainting of my great grandmother, Margaret Davidson Deacon.
It feels quite surreal ... me and my maternal gr.grandmother, who had died 32 yrs before I was born, and now we are standing here side by side. The original photo of Margaret was probably taken when she married in 1901 and the photo above was taken Apr, 23, 2017 ... a difference of 106 years !! Very surreal.

When I am doing my portraits, I get to know them fairly well ... or, I imagine I do ! 
I research the clothing ... in this case, Margarets photo was probably taken on her wedding day, her costume was popular 20 yrs. earlier, so I deduced that she is probably wearing her mother's wedding dress. They were farmers and knew how to adjust, renew, renovate and make do.
She lived only 36 yrs. and had 7 children ... all seven I knew well as a child and I know most of their stories. 
As I sketch, erase, resize and re-draw, then trace onto water-soluble, I think about that person constantly, imagining what her life was like, how she felt, how she loved. I mull over all kinds of scenarios and ask all kinds of questions ...  and I swear they are in the room answering and helping me get my facts straight ;)
I am very familiar with the county she lived in and where the original home was. I have collected stories of her, her husband Sam & families ... I know her ! 
What is, also, so very important to me is that we share the same mitochondrialDNA. We have a very strong connection ... one that, scientifically, was handed down from mother to daughter over the last 20,000 yrs. I can hear a few scoffs, but that's OK ;) This is such an exciting, scientific time we live in.

As you know, I have been working on my next portrait ... of Margaret's oldest daughter Esther Irene Deacon (previous post). She is all done except for removing the water-soluble, blocking and drying the wet, 'posterized' portrait. I will have photos to show you in a few days ... just as soon as I figure out what iPhoto Library has done with all mu pics. !