May 30, 2013

Some Different and Exciting Stuff To Play With

At the Vendor's Mall last weekend I purchased a few items ... not that I needed them, mostly because they intrigued me.
The first was Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn's booklet #23 ... 'Fragile Fabrics'. I had picked this one up at least 6 times last Sat., the only one in the box. On Sun. morning it was still there ... meant for me !
The second one was a spool of ...?... can't really call it yarn, but it is curious ... 45 yds. of tightly twisted newspaper , hand-spun in India. When I took the wrapper off, my nose was highly offended. It smelled like wet, moldy twine ... I shall put it outside in the sun and fresh air for a few days. It will make great interest in any project and I am looking forward to shaping it ... covering it in plaster on a canvas, perhaps. Not that I have ever done that before !
The third was a spool, 138 meters, of paper moire, 60% cotton, 40% linen paper ... very fine and a lovely charcoal shade. We'll see what becomes of it. Can hardly wait to get it onto some water-soluble (thank you again Nell Burns !)
The fourth was a 9 meter skein of Merino Wool/Silk hand-spun (by a friends' daughter-in-law) around craft wire ... another charcoal colour. She has just begun spinning and I'm sure would love customers, if you are interested ... made right here in Ontario, Canada !

Oh Bliss, oh bliss, oh bliss !!
I have begun a 3 week house-sit and have finally peace and quiet to stitch whenever I want. This piece has been waiting patiently for me and now I am engaged. I show a few pic.'s  below ... it had been raining constantly and the lighting was poor ... but it gives you an idea. And the fact that I'm using dark threads indicates that I don't care about the lighting, I'm just that happy to be at my machine. Normally I won't touch a piece, where dark threads are required, unless I have lots of direct sunlight. 
Today is a beautiful, bright, sunny day ! All the birds have something to say this morning and the windows are wide open ! The house is filled with richness ! Did I mention that the pool is warm and waiting ? Today is going to be glorious ... maybe a tad too hot ... but glorious, and my 18yr. old  gr.daughter is staying with me today !
base layer of thread
starting  layers 2, 3 and 4, of thread


  1. Very interesting purchases. I sure would love to house sit... peace and quiet. Lovely.

    1. I have been very lucky to have these opportunities to house-sit (usually with pets that need care) ... like a retreat ! ;) I highly recommend them if you get a chance.

  2. Thinking of you in the pool, how nice. The twinned paper looks intriguing, pity about the pong!

    1. Thanks Jackie ... tho' this week has turned out cold, rainy and grey !!!!!!

  3. woooooooo! here you go! How nice to house sit. Lucky you!

    : )

    so... how is that book? I keep looking at it too but not sure... I can't tell by the cover if it's full of inspiration or not...


    1. Yes, I am very lucky !
      The book ? ... haven't, honestly had a chance to read it ... looked at the pictures tho' and was inspired to use the merino wool/silk/wire yarn to handstitch (remembering a chapter) on water-soluble before I attempt to add free-motion machine embroidery to it !
      When I've read it I will send it to you !

  4. The tightly twisted newspaper sound very interesting (without the smell ...!) and all the other purchases look lovely.
    Enjoy your peace and your granddaughter - does she stitch?

    1. Thanks CS ... I do enjoy her very much but she has gone home and I'm hoping she will be back sometime this week. Alas, no, she doesn't stitch ... but has her nose buried in her school books ... off to university this fall. She is an honours student and we are very proud of her.


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