Jun 13, 2013

Very Happy With Progress !

added some cloud detail

very happy with the rock detail

unbelievable scent from these filling the house


  1. Wonderful. I love it. The flowers are nice too.

  2. Beautiful so far - I can't wait to see the end result.

  3. Awesome results on that wash away--so smooth and flowing

    1. Thanks arlee !
      This water-soluble is fabulous to work on !!
      I like the flowing look of granite with streaks of quarts ... trying to simplify like Lawren Harris ... he used that flowing movement in a lot of his work.
      Will come look at your blog if my internet behaves tonight !

  4. Thanks CS ... I'm lovin' it and can't wait til' the finish either !

  5. This is looking just wonderful! You most definitely should be happy with the progress!! So great to watch it happening.
    And lovely peonies. I have some that smell wonderful and some that are kind of if-fy...but they all look fabulous.

  6. Thanks Marny ! I'm glad that you enjoy the journey with me ... I love the steps in others work and we learn more this way, don't you think ?
    The smell would probably be overwhelming ... lol ... but I'm all stuffed up with a cold !

  7. lovely! I'm curious what stabilizer you use. Ive tried many and just gave up purchasing any more...

    It falls apart on me.

    beautiful - your work is soooo beautiful!

    a BIG FAN ; )

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment !
      I am using a cousin of a piece sent to me by Nell Burns, BC, last year. Hers was called Aqua Magic. I did my online reasearch and before ordering any, I went to a local sewing store and found a very similar product called Wet N Gone ... made by Florianii Embroidery, Sewing and Quilting Products ... made in Tennessee. www.RNKDistributing.com
      It came in a roll 12" w x 12 yds (30cmx10m). It cost $38.99 before tax (so you can compare prices) but very worth the price.
      It is wonderful and very strong and washes away quickly (don't pick up a cold Coke and then put your fingers on it ! ... lol ... learned the hard way !)

      I've said this before ... you know, don't you, that I'm going to have to adopt you ! :)

  8. Holy cow, Sharron! You are amazing. And how many hours at the sewing machine?

  9. Holy cow, Sharron! You are amazing. And how many hours at the sewing machine?

    1. Thank you so much Penny ! Your opinion counts strongly with me.
      I stopped counting hours years ago as it is phenomenal ... and because I work sporadically, sometimes, and just forget to mark the time. I figure that it takes about an hour to complete a square inch (with 7-10 layers of thread on the top).
      But I started counting the empty spools (save them for each project 'til over) and then I double that to include the same amount of thread in the bobbin.


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