Aug 30, 2013

Before I Leave For A Holiday ...

... I just want to show you that I have finished this piece !

I have just torn off the excess water-soluble and haven't wet or blocked this, so please understand the wrinkles, the bit's hanging off the edges and the very bad photo.

I am in a hurry now as my day of departure, for the forests of Killbear Provincial Park, is on Monday ... bright and early ! ... to camp for 3 weeks with hubby coming up for the middle week ... otherwise by myself ... can't wait !
Still packing a small cache of art supplies to take with me.

A little news that I want to share ... Lake Huron Sunset was chosen for the Explore page on and has received over 5,000 views ! Can you believe that ?

See you all soon !


  1. Fabulous stuff, I can well believe your sunset piece was chosen. I love the composition.
    Have a great break!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful. Your sunset piece is a stunner. Fabulous!
    have a great holiday! (take lots of pictures, do lots of art 'stuff'!! report back to us asap!!!)

  3. Oh I can soooo believe it - it's a stunning piece of work so delicate and beautifully crafted.

    What inspiration you'll find camping in Kilbear - can't wait to see the results. Post lots for us ...

  4. Hello Sharron, I have found your blog through Catherine's Knotted Cotton Proud to be a slow blogger. Wow what a lovely achievement with your sunset piece, it is very beautiful.

    Congratulations on #10 grandchild by the way, my first grandchild is due very soon. I have been quite a busy bee making baby items for the new baby.

    I am quite new to the world of blogging, I am starting to get the hang of it a little bit now. Also with the slow blogging thing I think I will enjoy it more, I would rather blog when I have something I want to share without the pressure of thinking I should do a blog post today.

    Take care for now

  5. Thank you all for the lovely comments !
    And welcome Linda ! I will get around to your blogs in a few days ... laundry, family and previous commitments first !

  6. Lake Huron Sunset is gorgeous. So glad that I have visited here, there is lots to see.
    Congratulations on that new grandchild. What a relief that she is safely here.

    1. Hi Judy ! So glad you took a look around ! I haven't been blogging much lately and am glad that I did a review and was able to see your comments ... thanks !


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