Aug 13, 2013

Just A Few Nice Happenings Lately

Last week the postman brought me a lovely little piece of art by my lovely, talented friend Monika. We did a swap ! Great fun !
Monika has been busy this year making postcards and this one has all the requirements, for a postcard, printed on the back ... but this one is going into my small collection of art from internet friends. 
I immediately fell in love with this one (they are all fabulous !) because it hit an emotional cord within me ... bringing back memories of lying in the tall grass when I lived out in the country as a child ... on hot summer days staring at the sky and dreaming ! It's simplicity drew me right in. Thank you Monika !

As well, I want to show some photos of the river that winds its way through my home town of Guelph. Yesterday a trip to Riverside Park was in order. A bit of diversion for my daughter as she awaits the delivery of her baby ... due today !, but will definitely be here for sure Aug. 15th ! 
Myself, 2 daughters and 2 ... we had a wonderful time.
'hey, guys, someone's brought bread !'
... Canadian Geese, Mallards, seagulls and squirrels abound here, as well as people with bags of bread crumbs, kids, seniors walking, and dogs on leashes 

The Speed River
... what can I say ... I love stone walls !

zoom-in on the Speed River where things are happening for the gulls

from the walking bridge looking south, heading towards downtown

from the bridge looking north towards Fergus

zoom-in on the next bridge to the north on Woodlawn Road

south again from the bridge and over the dam ... when I was a kid this was an old wooden swinging bridge ... much more structured now

glass-like reflection under the bridge


  1. oh what a trip down memory lane--i walked through Riverside Park when i was little to first grade--and hooked off even then to enjoy the park with my "boyfriend" :)

    1. The really awful thing is that living right here, I rarely walk around the park ! Hope to remedy that especially when these last 4 gr. kids want to go there. I'll tag along with a camera ;)
      Glad to bring back pleasant memories for you !

  2. Lovely to see the photos of your family. Hope the new baby arrives soon - they are such fun these grand children.

    ... I love stone walls too. It's something about the oddly shaped stones and the things that manage to grow in the gaps and the small creatures that seek shelter ... lovely.

    1. Thanks CS.
      Stone walls/arches/barns have always intrigued me ... mainly because I wonder about the person who built it/his era/his family/the times ... I have a great collection of these kind of photos. And I marvel at the test of time !

  3. EEP!

    I'm still holding my breath... come on mr postman! : )

    Monika : )))

    1. Please breathe ;) ... I'm sure that it will be there soon ... although amazing since you are only 2 provinces away !
      Should have sent it FedX !!

  4. Wonderful pictures - hope the baby arrived and both it and the mother are fine.

  5. Thanks Regina ... lovely to have you visit my blog.
    Baby is in transit as I write.


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