Sep 26, 2013

Peaceful, Enjoyable & Productive ;)

Hello friends and readers ... I'm back !
I communed with the trees (I think I might have a bit of 'Druid' in me) ... sat in the warmth of the September sun, and felt so calm and peaceful.  
3 weeks away from the hustle and bustle of home, city and family has definitely helped me get a focus on the coming year.

I had a glorious 'alone' time, read 4 1/2 paperbacks, did 3 ink sketches, almost completed a fibre piece, painted and backed a large canvas for the Group of Seven show (that took almost 2 days to do because the canvas and interfacing were very tough to get a needle through) - AND I may have a commission from some people I met there !

Last year, I did a few small fibre pieces that were totally inspired by my stash of 'odds and ends' and saved 'bits and pieces'. 
A lot of that stuff went with me again, this year. 
Just by being unfocused I was able to see the possibilities ... I had, for instance; 
- some strips of excess fabric cut from the top and bottom of a previous piece - because they were stitched and intriguing, barcodes, thinking, to myself, that if I were a quilter, I would probably put them into a quilt ! ... so I stashed them
- I had the paper bag from a bottle of merlot along with Maggie Grey's "from image to stitch"... where she makes good use of paper in works   
- I had a strip of hand-painted fabric that was wonder-undered - but I neglected to take an iron - heating up my kettle and trying to iron with that didn't work !
- there was a string of free-motion machined leaves that I had done on water-soluble almost 20 years ago !
- a novelty yarn that was made in India - charcoal coloured with bits of paper wound in it - turns out it can be couched and/or stitched right into fabric !
- I had pieces of birch bark from the wood we bought for campfires 
And lo and behold all these items were similar in colouring.
Before long I had a forest of trees on my table with complimentary tree fungus (the birch bark). 
the initial layout
some machine stitching nailed down the wonder-undered hand-painted centre strip

the novelty yarn was machine couched down and lended an interesting accent

the beginning of the changing colours

My 'forest' piece is almost done ... just a few more hand stitches ... and I will make the backing smaller then find an appropriate colour to mount this on before I put it on a stretcher frame.


  1. Welcome home - you were missed!
    These are a lovely record of what sounds like a really special time .. and your sewing machine went along too?

    1. Thank you CS ;) Yes, my machine went with me as I was alone for 2 of the weeks and what an ideal time to get some work done.
      We camped for 42 yrs without electricity but for the last 3 yrs. we've treated ourselves to the comforts of home away from home.

  2. Amazing the power of nature Sharron - the colours and textures in your photos inspire. So pleased to have had an afternoon with you and now to explore your blog...I will be back!

  3. Hi Bethany !
    It was a great afternoon and I truly enjoyed getting to know the woman behind Fibreworks Kingston !
    Life is still travelling 100 m/hr. but I can see it calming soon.
    I will be in touch soon !

  4. What lovely work, this really speaks to me. So tactile, I can almost hear the paper rustling.

    1. Oh, it rustled all right ... my needle is pooched from all the hand work I have done lately and I'm wondering if it is because of the paper ... but I'll get more needles as I love working with paper !
      Thanks Pam.


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