Oct 3, 2013

Sabrina Elizabeth

Sabrina Elizabeth
Just had to share my daughter's photograph of her newest baby ... 9lb, 8oz.   So adorable.
Grandchild #10, 5 girls/5 boys, oldest grandchild just started university !


  1. Hi Sharron, thanks for visiting my blog (and Toasted Knees) and commenting. You would enjoy art journalling. It could incorporate all of your design planning and thoughts for your beautiful threadpaintings. Glad you enjoyed the stories. I've decided to put some of them in a smaller journal to give to one of the kids.
    Hugs, Sue :)

  2. Beeautiful baby!!!! Still not yet unfolded. So sweet:) congratulations! !

  3. What a LOVELY baby and big ... and that newborn folded up look.
    We've one (a boy) due in January next year, our 4th and all under 4 - popping out like peas!
    Such fun they are, seeing them acquire language and develop.

  4. Thank you all for your comments ... had a great day yesterday, holding and rocking this sweetheart as she slept !


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