Nov 17, 2013

Recently ...

I took a road trip recently to visit to my aunt. I take these trips several times a year and we play scrabble for hours, we talk about her childhood and her memories and I write down this information for my genealogy research, we visit old haunts and visit with my sister and a lovely 97yr. old cousin (such a feisty old broad ;)) and enjoy lunches at establishments in near-by towns. It is a slow time and a much needed break from my 'other life'.

I headed to Wingham (approx 1 1/2hrs.) on a drizzly, wet day but I was just glad it wasn't snowing and anxious to get there before the expected cold snap arrived. I pass through Harriston and have a short visit with my son and get caught up on happenings there. 
I try, every time, to take a county/side road off the beaten path so that I can take lots of photographs for my library of inspiration … the drive into unknown territory is so freeing and peaceful. I am always fascinated by the fields, farms, abandoned barns & silos and by the constantly changing weather in the fall. And I try to visualize what it was like when my ancestors hacked their way through dense forests to get to the land they bought and settled in this area.

Earlier that morning I had attended a meeting in Elora and then headed north, passing by the Wellington County Museum … built in 1877, it stands as the oldest remaining House of Industry in Canada. It was built  as a "Poor House" or place of refuge for the poor, homeless, and destitute people in Wellington County. It operated as a Poor House and Industrial Farm until 1947 when it became a County Home for the Aged. It was transformed into the Wellington County Museum and Archives during the 1970's ... where a lovely Rembrance Day display was presented and made a powerful statement.

Today, this is a wonderful place, full of community spirit, art shows, weddings, workshops for all ages and school programs, to name a few.

Continuing on, I made it to my destination before the temperature dropped only to awaken in the morning with snow and a glorious sunny sky. That snow hung around till the next day.

My trusty Dodge Dakota … love my truck !

The leaves hadn't fallen yet !
One of our little road trips to neighbouring towns saw dark, turbulent skies with the sun trying to prove his power every so often but soon blown away by winter winds.

Some photo opts on my way back home … fabulous in spite of the rain … future ink drawings for sure.

Well, I didn't intend to post a travelogue, but hope have you enjoyed rural Ontario in November !

Almost a week has passed spent finishing minor details on these 2 pieces that are destined for the Harris Artists Collective Christmas Show starting Tuesday.
It is raining and dreary ... not good for indoor photography … but I just wanted a record of these 2 pce.'s finished and stretched… done !

Now on to the mundane sewing chores - altering a bridesmaid gown this week !

Enough about me ! What have you been up to ?


  1. Lindas, muito lindas as fotos! A região é muito bonita!
    Parabéns pelos trabalhos.Gosto muito das suas artes. Eu segui todas suas publicações sobre eles. Ficaram lindos!
    Obrigada por compartilhar.
    Um abraço!

    Beautiful, very beautiful photos! The region is very beautiful!
    Congratulations on trabalhos.Gosto much of their art. I followed all your posts about them. They were beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Eglea for commenting on my work. I will be around to visit your blog very soon.

  2. And beautiful pieces they are too. I especially love the delicately stitched grasses on the second piece.
    The photos are lovely too - particularly the ones of Ontario in the snow - really bleak and grey and cold-looking - wonderful and so in tune with your work.

    1. Thank you CS ! I loved those simple black grasses, too … and I made them wrap around the stretcher frame.
      Yes, some ink drawings coming out of those bleak and grey photos for sure !

  3. I just love your photos and your wonderful thread painted art quilts! You are so talented!! Do you sell them?

    1. Thank you so much Desiree … and yes, I do sell them. Sure hope one of the above sells so that I can continue to feed my habit ;)

  4. What lovely pieces! And those photos. I live in a city surrounded by suburbs. I can only see places like that vicariously through blogs like yours. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you Roberta. I love getting out into the rural areas and always carry my camera and will share with you !

  6. Beautiful pieces. I love the way you layered in the coloured pieces in the background. I enjoyed the travelogue too :)

  7. That tree and tall grass is gorgeous. I wish I had your talent and ability.


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