Dec 28, 2013

Day 6

These pics, yesterday, 'day 6' of the ice storm … drive-by shootings (sorry for the blurriness) through the tinted glass of my hubby's truck … so many trees damaged … 4pm. Under the snow there is an inch of ice !

This set of pics taken with the truck stopped and the window down … hard to see, but he corn is draped in ice … in other fields that we passed, the corn was broken down ...

… last night we were kept awake by melting ice cracking and falling off the trees, roofs and power lines … 3C and rainy today … the trees are being relieved of their burden ;)


  1. What amazing photos - it all looks wonderful but somehow disquieting - take care ...

  2. This is awe-full and awful all at the same time. I have trouble with a light dusting!!! This would fell me totally. Yes, indeed, take good care.

  3. It was quite the experience and there are still trees out there that still have ice on them and 8-12' cedars that are bent in half, frozen to the ground.
    I have a rotten cold … started yesterday … so rest, Tylenol and lots of tea is the plan today … hope you both had a very pleasant New Year's Day.


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