Dec 22, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

 Overnight the 'scape was transformed ….

… 'nasty' little, blue berries in the hedge … saw a squirrel gobbling these up yesterday … probably has a hangover today.
Lots of trees and power lines down … power outages … have a gas stove, coffee all 'round !


  1. WOAH. I don't think I have ever seen an ice storm! oh my. Fantastic images. (love your header too!) Scary to have no power. Hope all is well. Take good care and enjoy that coffee!

    1. Hi Monika !
      We don't get ice storms often but we had one this past April as well ! We're supposed to have sun today so, hopefully the trees will be relieved of their burden.
      The coffee was great especially when we realized that we might have waited days before we could have one … lol !

  2. This was featured on our news broadcasts here in the UK - now you show the beauty of it all as well as the trials. Keep warm and safe and have a Happy Christmas.

  3. Wow ! Alas, there is no sun today and a lot of the trees are leaning very low … there's bound to be more damage today. When 80' pines lean toward half mast you have to worry !!
    My hubby has fallen twice this morning trying to clear sidewalks and has ordered me to stay inside ! … drats ! ... have to cancel lunch with a dear friend !
    I am wishing you all a safe and warm Christmas !

  4. As imagens são lindas mas , pelo que você conta , parece assustador. Eu só posso imaginar pois, aqui não temos este tipo de "problema".
    Desejo um feliz e santo natal (bem aquecido) para você e sua família.

    The images are beautiful, but from what you tell, seems daunting. I can only imagine because here we have this kind of "problem".
    I wish a happy and holy Christmas (well heated) for you and your family.

  5. So glad you dropped in for a visit, Eglea … yes, the ice is very beautiful and great for picture taking … and it is still here ! But we have power and heat and the shopping is done ;)
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas !


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