Dec 15, 2013

Let It Snow ... Let It Snow ... Let It Snow !

We haven't had much in the way of a 'White Christmas' in a few years … the snow arriving late in January instead … but it's piling up now, these last few days !
People are inspired to shop even while the roads are very treacherous …. but it's sure pretty out there with all the Christmas lights showing against a white backdrop ! 
Thought I'd show you our tree that we got last week.
" It's starting to look a lot like Christmas …. ! "


  1. And may it be a happy Christmas for you and your family.
    We have no snow here nor are we likely to according to the forecast - but that is normal for us. Sometimes, winters pass with almost no snow at all - just grey, miserable weather. I envy you a (small) snowfall!

  2. Thanks CS and wishing you and yours the very same !
    Snow is the icing on the cake at Christmas time … we are glad to see it then. I love the beauty of a fresh snowfall … will try to post a few pics soon.


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