Dec 10, 2013

The Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

My gang … this past Sunday … no snow, but cold and windy.
Hundreds of families looking for the perfect tree.
But we have them ;)


  1. What a wonderful gang - and I love that wheeled child carrier. I've not seen any like that over here.

  2. Haven't thought about the tree hunt for years! We used to go out in the fields surrounding us in Aberfoyle and pick the best--but it was years before i realized most people didn't have a cedar tree :) When i visited back there 4 years ago, all the cedar had been razed by the developers and blue spruce has taken over.....

  3. Thanks Monika !
    They are a fine group to call my own, CS, and the wagon folds up like those nylon camp chairs that we have grown so fond of here. The little boys were quite comfy in it .
    Arlee … things have changed again so much around here ! Guelph' south edge has gone beyond the old Pergola (which doesn't exist anymore) with a lot of 'big box' stores and a cinema !! As long as we have tree farms, we will still go hunt down the most perfect of the perfect ;)

  4. Sounds like fun. Love that little blue, folding wagon. What are they called, and where do you get them?

  5. The wagon can be found on Amazon … red & blue. My daughter got hers at Canadian Tire ;)

  6. Thanks Sharron. Wishing you and all yours a wonderful Christmas :)


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