Jan 21, 2014

A bright Sunny Day To Sew …

 … among other things !
Namely … answer many emails re; our coming show, correct missing email addy's, get a small 'blurb' just right (with the help of 2 others- 3 heads are better than 1),  document specifics and store jpegs … all because I am coordinating a fibre show for Connections Fibre Artists opening April 4, 2013. We have been talking and working on it for over a year and now the crunch is on !

Between emails I started machine stitching on a little project I had put together just before Christmas … started today because we have a 'play day' meeting tomorrow and we are all supposed to bring handwork to work on while we share, talk & commiserate. As you know, I do very little handwork but I have a lovely skein of perle coton that was dyed by a friend in our group. It moves between gray, brown, pinkish and blue. I wanted to use it on something and in my de-cluttering of my work space I found some strips of watercolour paper that I had painted in a workshop, oh, 20 years ago ! A bright blue, some pink and run-together of brown … like the colour of brown paper ! Oh, yeah … I could do another brown paper piece !
 Some crumpling of br. paper and some crumpled newsprint, add a sq. of brownish, potassium permanganate cotton swatch to the centre over the layers of paper and a cotton backing, lay on the watercolour paper in a pleasing abstract pattern … gee they are starting to look like standing stones … no, wait, neolithic tombs !
The wc paper is a tad too bright … whitewash the whole mess with a pale-gray acrylic paint (well watered down). It has sat and dried for weeks … now I stitch !
 Look up neolithic tombs and symbols … abstracted still but not far off … the very ancient art symbol works well as the 'stitching' that binds !  Hurray ! I'm having fun !
 The watercolour strips are starting to lift … need a few pins through several layers of paper (gee, that wc paper is thick and hard to pin down !
Tomorrow I shall try to couch down my pretty dyed thread and stab some interesting stitch lines to hold the wc paper down … maybe get some advice from my hand-stitcher friends !
we painted together …gr.dau., Maddie and her futuristic, apocalyptic city …  kind of resembled standing stones 


  1. This looks very interesting. I didn't know you could incorporate papers into your pieces. With regard to the w/c paper moving, have you thought of using that spray adhesive that you can use on applique? It's very light, but it might hold it still while you work. Do a test piece first though. I'd hate to be responsible for stuffing up a piece of your artwork :0
    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece. I'd love to have a go at this. Do you belong to an online group, or is it just your local group you play with?

  2. This looks like fun! I love it that you are walking us through the process. Do show us more!
    Your fibre show sounds wonderful as well....lots of work I bet!

  3. Great to see the process. I love that controlled stitching on the brown paper - a great contrast with the heavy woven (hessian?) in the run.

  4. Thank you all !
    The wc paper was attached at one time with Wonderunder (fabric glue that you iron on), but through the application of paint and the waiting it did for me to get around to it, it has come undone … but the pins will hold until some stitching has begun.
    I started this kind of 'playing' last year with the Lake Huron Sunset piece … blogged about … and I am not much of an abstract artist … but documenting it is to help me, and you, see what I'm going through. As much as I try, my abstracts end up being decently realistic.
    I'm not sure what that brown fabric is … I suspect linen … it looks heavier than it really is.
    You are a great bunch of gals … delighted that you read my stuff ! ;)


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