Jan 29, 2014

I Think I Have Been Insulted ;)

I took a break this morning and surfed a few art blogs and came across a quote that I really liked … but the more I read it the more I became 'bristly' … I think I have been insulted ! … I am laughing out loud ! 

"Just don't hesitate to exaggerate colour and light. 
Don't worry about telling lies. 
The most tiresome pictures are the stupidly truthful ones."                     
                                                     Wm. Merritt Chase

I went to Wikipedia to learn more about this Wm.Merritt Chase guy. Wow !

These are certainly words to inspire and the artist in me really wants to be as free in my work as these words encourage one to be … maybe soon.
As anyone who knows me, I struggle with moving my representational work into the more (for lack of a better word) abstract. I have been working in this direction this last year, my brain stirring more of these thoughts into the slurry, which is my mind.

I have added it to my page of quotes which you might like to read, if you haven't already.


  1. Thought-provoking indeed! ...but to my mind not quite hitting the button. Lovely work like yours is not 'stupidly' truthful - and certainly not tiresome. It offers its own view on the world, making its own satisfying selections from reality as we all do.

    And the exaggeration of colour, shape or light should not be thought of as 'telling lies'. I prefer to consider it in a much more positive way - as inventing a new and slightly different truth, a new way of looking at the frequently-seen - at least I hope I'm not lying as I find myself moving more and more away from representation right now ... (now I can hear MYSELF bristling ...!)

  2. Definitely thought provoking ! Thanks for commenting. Everybody has a theory about art, eh ?
    Being positive is so important … like the way you think !

  3. Yes, well, he's dead and from a totally different time with his flamboyance and attitude, isn't he? :)


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