Jan 26, 2014

Stitching and Discovery

Another grey day with intermittent periods of sun. My sewing machine sits in the window of my space and my hands get very cold quickly.
Progress today stitching Neolithic spirals, from the back of my piece, with a variegated thread wound in the bobbin. I don't get to see the front until I turn it over … always a fun/frightening technique to use.
But in all fairness, I did try to hand-stitch the other piece, and although I haven't made up my mind to continue or not, hand-stitching through that watercolour paper was pretty tough !
The yarn I chose for this piece is one that was hand-dyed by my friend Dianne Gibson. In good light it ebbed from dk. grey to cream to dk. blue. It also had a thin plastic/mylar thread in the mix which didn't take on any colour but provides shine. 
I didn't want it so I pulled a section out … finding that the other  cotton threads bunched very beautifully !
 …into lovely clumps that would provide easy texture to a piece … maybe that's what it intention is, I just don't know.  Sure pretty !
You can see the plastic strand pulling to the right of the pic. below.  Sorry, lamp light just isn't good with my camera.
 Cold, so very cold :(


  1. Isto está ficando cada vez mais interessante!
    Acompanho o andamento do trabalho com curiosodade!
    Esteja aquecida!
    Um abraço!
    This is getting more interesting!
    I follow the progress of the work curiosodade!
    Is heated!

  2. This is looking very beautiful. Such wonderful effects you are getting!! Lovely.

  3. Thank you both very much !
    Tell me what you know about this yarn … is it supposed to be used by pulling the plastic strand ?

  4. Such a lovely discovery! That gathered thread with its delicious variegated colours is a delight. I don't know whether you're 'supposed' to pull the plastic strand or not but what you've done is very effective.


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