Jan 13, 2014

Time To Get Back To Work !

My first post of 2014 and it's mostly about house-cleaning !

Yes, I have been taking my time getting back to the sewing machine. 
I have disciplined myself to keep off the computer (well as much as I could) and to de-clutter my sewing space/studio/office. It has been hard, dusty work ! 
I've purged bags full, straightened every shelf, re-thought every book and come across some interesting, very old work ! 
My kids take one look in my room and start using words like 'hoarding' ! Not at all !!!  I am a collector of precious fabs, books, threads, photos, etc. … I am the family historian ! 
Isn't every artists studio full of such things ? I think so !
All done now but for the vacuuming, paying some bills and oiling my machine so that when I am ready to sew, I have a clean 'slate' to work in ... 'cause I have lots of work to do, real stuff on the boards and stuff still in my head. And a big show (for my group Connections Fibre Artists) is coming up in April ! 

A little each day I have been trying to catch up with the blogs I read. You guys are so busy and inspirational ! 

The weather has gone from g…damned freezing to nice winter cold. I haven't even been out for a drive in my truck, since before Christmas, 'til today and it felt very freeing and downright balmy out there ! We had rain the last few days and the roads are fairly clear, but what a lot of tree damage !
I don't do deep snow and ice very well, so have only gone out when hubby can help me from slipping. 
With a jigsaw puzzle on the go by the dining room window, I have noticed that the weather hasn't kept the birds and squirrels in their nests either … they are suspiciously busy … maybe spring is around the corner !

I haven't shown these 2 pieces of work finished … lots of pics while in the making, but they are now completely finished, catalogued and packed away for the new show.
Granite Saddle Study … just thread on water-soluble … 
approx. 17" x  24"

Winter's Lace 
… just thread on water-soluble 
… 10" x 24"
 Below are some more snow photos that I took last Tuesday on a little road trip to pick up some art in Elora and some lunch in Alma.
Marj's Kitchen 
… a little country restaurant that hubby and I braved last week 
… yup, they were open !

such dark days


  1. Ei, Sharron!
    Estou olhando para toda esta neve e desejando que um ventinho frio saia da tela do computador para aliviar um pouco o calor que faz aqui agora.
    Também estou organizando minha oficina e me preparando para recomeçar. Muitos projetos na cabeça e muitos trabalhos basicos aguardando. Isto é bom!
    Bom retorno e bom trabalho!
    Fique aquecida!
    Um abraço!

    Hey, Sharron!
    I'm looking at all this snow and wishing a cold breeze exit the computer screen to alleviate some of the heat that is here now.
    I am also organizing my workshop and getting ready to start. Many projects in the head and many basic jobs waiting. This is good!
    Good feedback and good job!
    Stay warm!

  2. Hi Eglea,
    I would gladly share our cold with you ! I could use a little of your heat ;)
    I guess cleaning our studios is the best way to start a new year … looking forward to seeing what you produce this year !
    Stay cool,
    Warm regards,

  3. Sharron, your two stitched pieces are absolutely beautiful (the snow, not so much!!! well, ok, beautiful, but the thought of being out in it....nope!). And good for you for getting your work space organized. You are inspiring me to carry on with my clean-out (read: total overhaul!!). Enjoy your de-cluttered workspace!!

  4. Thank you so much, Marny.
    Are you sure you wouldn't want a bit of snow sent your way ? ;)
    I will start enjoying my neat and tidy space tomorrow for sure … today was spent trying to design a rackcard/poster for a new show … it's a lot more work than it first appears !

  5. Oh gosh - decluttering - my husband has suggested buying some more shelving for me which shows he's desperate for me to TIDY UP! - He has to walk through the end of my room to get to his neat little office and my heaps make him anxious. Trouble is, I might just be about to consent to this project ... but then I'll have to control the burgeoning (but very necessary) chaos.

    Meanwhile, I love your finished pieces. I've really enjoyed following the making and seeing them above the beautiful pictures of snow seems very appropriate - right colours and all that. Enjoy working on the stuff in your head ... can't wait to see it.

  6. Love your pictures of your trip out into the snow.

  7. De-cluttering is the bane of our existence as artists … but it does feel good after a few hrs. of hard work … and you get a new sense of where you've been and where you are going.
    Thank you for your comments … I love it when I can watch the progress of works … it tends to give you a real feeling of who that artist is.
    The snow is slowly receding in the city, but it remains darned cold ! But it is so beautiful !

  8. Hi Lucy … thanks for the visit.
    The snow in these pics was still so pristine … couldn't resist ;)

  9. Sharron, I am impressed with the thread paintings in this post, and those that come later, I entered your blog at the May 1 entry - and went through the opening of the group of seven show, the photos of snow, one by one backwards through the calender until I found your georgian bay saddle painting. What a lot of work you have done to bring off that group show. I hope that you feel rewarded by the success of the exhibition. x


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