Feb 26, 2014

Back At It

Just dropping in for a moment to show what I've been working on … during the short times between my daily, mundane chores and the 'stuff' that needs to be done for the show this piece of thread work is destined for; 

'Celebrate The Seven' ~ A Tribute To The Group Of Seven 
…. just over a month before the opening ! 
Featuring fibre art by 27 members of Connections Fibre Artists

As I have worked on this it has taken a change in direction … it may just hang alone.

This is my inspirational photo … from a very heavy snowfall in 2013.
I find if I post work, it has the effect of getting me working harder so that I will have a finished art work to show my blogger friends. 
ps. … lots of sun this last week … yeah !  But -30C out there !


  1. Ridiculously cold. I concur that posting boosts motivation. The snowy trees look great!

  2. What a beautifully textured, subtle piece - so suitable for the desperate weather you're experiencing. i'll look forward to seeing the finished work.

    And I too know what you mean about blogging as a motivation boost. It gives some focus to my experiments ...

  3. Isto é neve transformada em bordado!!!!!!! Lindo!
    Um abraço!
    This snow is transformed into embroidery!!! Gorgeous!

  4. Sharron, I have been catching up on recent posts with great enjoyment. This piece is going to be amazing. So glad I came over for a visit to see this and be inspired by your honest artistic voice.

  5. This is going to be lovely...a perfect translation of snow into stitch. No pressure, of course....clearly you've got that part going for yourself....gentle, gentle!! But,...ok, can't wait to see more!!!!

  6. Thank you to everyone !
    I appreciate your comments so much !
    Forging ahead today into the darker areas of this piece … slowly, calmly and loving it while watching it progress into it's own !

  7. Absolutely wonderful. So inspiring. I haven't thread painted in a long time and your photos just make me want to jump back in. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post.

  8. Thank you, Sue !
    Leah ... thanks so much for the visit and I hope that I've inspired you enough that you and your machine are busy at a threadpainting ;)


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