Feb 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day !

Happy Valentines Day 
to my blogger friends 
… even those I don't know yet ;)

This is an oldie that still comes out for a few days every February … just a felt heart glued to a backing fabric, stitched with star sequins and beads … so easy … so simple. I'll bet you all have a similar one !

The de-cluttering of my work space resulted in my finding along-forgotten, plastic tool case that was keeping these safe and sound … so old !

I show these now because of Monika ' photographs of Jack Frost's work on her windows this very cold winter. Although this piece is actually very white, my 'Jack Frost Inspired' piece wasn't easily photographed … no sun when I tried to capture an image. The yellow tones are reflecting lamp light and the very dark spots are beads with a silver lining that has tarnished ! All the various threads are white and silver, as are the bugle beads. back in the day when I was still in the midst of learning it all.
'Pink Geraniums' was the result of a workshop where paper was painted (fabric paint) and then ironed to fabric (forgotten the name of that technique), snippets of fabric (try clear in upper right) were then covering most of the painting … then all was captured under chiffon and hand-stitched and machine stitched on top of everything.

A fine, gossamer, felted beach scene … the forest, the beach, the water … never finished because I was planning to put a beach chair at the water's edge … just got side-tracked or it wasn't speaking to me. Sometimes the size de-rails me.

Below is my 1st official threadpainting from a workshop with Canadian Artist Martha Cole, from Saskatchewan, Ontario, Canada. 
The one thing that I have never forgotten from her workshop … 'always throw in a colour that no one is expecting to see in your threadpainting … orange, fuscia, magenta, turquoise' !   It really works well.                                          
My youngest daughter Sarah - 4 or 5 yrs. at time of photo - 31 yrs. now.
I finally relinquished it and gave it to her this year for her birthday last month.


  1. Gorgeous texture. Oldies but goodies. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    1. I had forgotten about these for so long and they are indeed oldies but goodies … think I will keep them (probably stick them right back in the box . lol.
      Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day !

  2. I'm sure you've had fun re-visiting these lovely pieces. Has it sparked ideas for more, I wonder? I especially like the Martha Cole piece; I imagine your daughter was very happy to receive it.

    1. Thanks Marny, I forgot to mention that the Martha Cole piece is just a portion of the whole and, yes, Sarah was thrilled … especially now that she is older and has 2 little girls of her own.
      I hope you had/are having a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  3. What a lovely selection of past pieces ... and one to finish perhaps?
    I think that painted paper ironed to fabric technique may well have involved transfer dyes ... a great technique, especially on cotton poly.

    1. Whatever it was, it was a lot of fun and in those days I was learning so many techniques that some just got lost in the translation … can't even remember who taught it … suspect it may have been one of the Jan Beaney/Jean Littlejohn ones. They were so entertaining and we learned lots ! I suppose that Valentine's Day is already over for you … hope it was a good one !

  4. Muitas peças bonitas... Vou olhar/estudar cada foto.
    Um abraço!
    Many beautiful pieces ... I'll look / study each photo.

  5. Thank you Eglea … hugs to you, too !


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