Feb 20, 2014

Just When You Think …

… that all that glorious sun yesterday just might be the beginning of the end … Mother Nature decides taunt us again !

These shots , around my neighbourhood were taken at about 5pm this afternoon.
 It is pouring rain right now (10pm) with possible thunderstorms through the night !


  1. I really was surprised at the snow. I thought it would be rain but then that came later. We did hear the thunder last night. I just don't like all the puddles that accumulate because the drivers never pay attention to us pedestrians.

  2. I guess no one is gloating that the Prairie provinces are usually hell now :) Batten 'em down and get creating!

  3. I had never heard of thunder and snow but we've experienced that here on the prairies this winter! Gives us something to talk about besides regular weather! lol

  4. It has been the 'winter of winter's' this year … well, hell yes, there have been way worse ! … just not in recent memory !
    Yes, Delores, very little rain and I slept through the thunder (always do) … but an amazing amount of snow has receded and left all the dirty stuff. It's windy now so some of that water will dry up … probably more snow on it's way.
    Arlee … Have finally finished the rack card … and am onto more creating … just as soon as I snuggled under a blanket and warm up !
    Elle … What else do Canadians do better than discuss our ever-changing weather, eh ? ;)

  5. What a terrible winter you're having! There must be an end soon.
    As to discussing the weather, we Brits do it rather well too ... but this year our talk has all been of rain, flooding, wind and that awful greyness, day after day. It was, so I heard, the wettest January for 250 years!

  6. Hi CS !
    As much as it seems I complain about the snow, I actually love the beauty and the cold of it … far more than I like rain ! I would go bananas in all that water and greyness. It seems that this has been the year for record breaking weather all over the globe !


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