Feb 3, 2014

Never Ending Winter

I woke up this morning to very blue skies, brilliant sunshine and sparkling, white snow all over everything … and it was warmish, only -14C !
I love winter and I love going out in it even if only from house to car.
I haven't worn full shoes/boots since 1979 … wool socks in Birks for me ! … and I am very protective of my artificial knees and hip, I dare not fall. So I sit in the warmth of the truck and survey a glorious winter wonderland. I wave at all the winter-weary souls , dwarfed by the height of the snowbanks, as they struggle to clear the excessive snow piled at the ends of their driveways … once again ! several times a week, in fact.

 I'm not laughing, I am just acknowledging that this has been the winter of winters in a long time.  The news is that another snow storm is on its way with up to 25cm. to dump here.


  1. hmmm! Again, more, still! ;~) The animals are starting to really frown! Take care.

  2. Winter of winters indeed - for us here, rain, rain, and more rain giving once in 100 year totals and massive floods in low-lying Somerset - for you extraordinary snow. Perhaps we need to swap weather briefly, Canada and the UK? We'd love just a little respite from greyness and just a little snow and maybe rain would thaw you out a little.
    Keep safe on the ice ...

  3. Oh, elle … I feel so sorry for the animals, too !
    I hope it's starting to warm up in your neck of the woods !

    Flooding and rain are far worse than snow, in my opinion … and the greyness is so depressing.
    Tho' I'd gladly swap a little bit of snow with you CS… but you can share the rain with someone else ;_
    I guess Mother Nature is telling us who's boss !

  4. Thanks for commenting. As I have now written, I am going through a hard time with my sister. Hence - weird blogs. Thanks.


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