Feb 6, 2014


These pieces that I have been working on have finally received a name.  I hate choosing titles !
I started this work to have something that wasn't too big to do while taking a break from a large piece of machine-embroidered, Group of Seven piece for an up-coming show … something for no other reason than to 'play' with. 
My attempt at the abstract turned out to look somewhat representational after all …  they look like neolithic tombs of ancient Great Britain, to me. I am fasciated by anything this ancient and have done some reading on them while doing genealogy research. 
Neolithic means; 'Neolithic is derived from two Greek words that, when placed together, mean New (Neo) Stone (Lithos) Age. 
… so, it wasn't hard to name these 2 pieces 'New Stone 1 & New Stone 2 … simple. 
My window threw a shadow … yeah ! sun !… so photos aren't the best. 
These pieces are approx. 13"x15" (38cmx33cm) each - common brown paper, newsprint, watercolour paper, fabric, novelty threads, sewing thread
I will stretch them over frames next week.

New Stone 1
New Stone 2
New Stone 1 has a machine quilted background with simple straight stitch embroidered through all the 6 layers of paper and fabric.
New Stone 2 has a machine quilted background and the spiral on top was added by filling a bobbin with this bulky thread and straight stitched from the back of the piece (piece turned over, stitched by machine from the back).


  1. I live quite near Stonehenge and Avebury and several other equally fascinating ancient sites here in the UK - so this is like home represented for me. Lovely - and something very different for you.

  2. Thanks CS … I would so dearly love to see some of these monuments with my own eyes one day ! Stonehenge is the ultimate !

    Thanks arlee !


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