Feb 19, 2014

So Little Time … So Much To Do !

It's been one of those times when things just start to pile up and I wonder if I will make it to the other side.
I am wearing the full burden of organizing a huge fibre art show Connections Fibre Artists (26 strong) for April 4th … more info to follow soon.
I will begin a month-long house/pet-sitting stint next week (which means I had to house-clean my bedroom and sewing room this week).
I have been making fake-fur caplets for a bride and her 2 attendants plus tidying up some work on her gown.
And, for the last 2 days I have been trying so hard to design a rack card and getting it sized properly for uploading to the printing company (sounds easy enough … not !… I thought I was more computer literate than this !).
Also, this coming Tues., I will hang my portion of a 5-man show at the Harris Artists Collective that runs Feb 28-Apr 10th … egads !
But, good news, it's warming up ! ? … enough for the rains to start and cause floods with all the snow melting :(
Maybe the cats I will be looking after will have a huge calming effect ;)
Some pics of the city in the glorious sunshine … just before that last 6" of snow came a few days ago ;)


  1. Got your PhD then, ay? :) But sometimes all that extra stuff frees the brain, and new things emerge--to be watered by flood! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, you sound unbelievably busy....and you are still able to speak in complete sentences!!! Bravo!! I'm afraid just that amount of snow would have me bouncing off the walls or possibly curled up in a corner. And yet your photos make it look quite beautiful. (Love the one of the steps, fabulous!!) Take your vitamins and don't forget to breathe!!

  3. Arlee … sure wish I had a PHD ! Nothing new has emerged yet … but I'm positive something will soon fill the void ;) fyi … these pics are at the top of Palmer St. looking towards downtown.
    Marny … it makes life in the deep snow more bearable if you get out in the sun and record the winter. I was sitting in the truck while hubby shovelled someone's sidewalk and couldn't resist the beauty in this older neighbourhood and I was amazed how much I could see when I zoomed into the downtown area.
    The spiral staircase caught my eye … will make a lovely pen & ink !

  4. oooh, you have a hill. I like hills. Course the snow and this amount of snow and ice might make me think differently. Busy, but think of all the trouble you are staying out of!!! ;~)

  5. Just found these lovely photos rather belatedly. Those spiral steps are a delight and there are so many other intriguing angles in the photo - great for a drawing and manipulation in Photoshop?!

  6. It's a very steep hill, elle, and I sure wouldn't want to travel that everyday to get home in the winter time.
    Np, CS … I totally understand perfectly … I get busy and I neglect my friends sometimes … not that I want too !
    Yes, I am so looking forward to the time to work with this photo !


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