Mar 24, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun !

My house-sitting adventure is almost over ! The time has flown by ! The cats are starting to treat me like 'old hat' ... except when it is, ummmm, 'meat day' ... then they start trying to get me to get out of bed at the slightest sound of movement from my bedroom. They have been so easy to care for ... I will miss them !

Lots of work accomplished ! It is such a treat to work uninterrupted.
"SNOWFALL 2014 is finished, packaged and being delivered today ! yeah !

The water-soluble took 3 good soakings before the new fabric of 'just threads' was soft enough for my liking.

I tried to get decent photos while Snowfall lay on the floor. When this piece is hung on a wall and the proper lighting hits it, the shadows created will add a nice effect.

Snowfall is approx.20"x30"

SNOWFALL ~  2014
 I am looking forward to going home. I am well rested and lots of work was done. Time to go back to the hustle and bustle that is my home. Besides, the robins and the grackles have arrived and spring is coming ... it will ! will ! I'm sure it will !!  Lots of work to do getting the back yard ready for b-b-q dinners and lounging around in the sun/warmth ! Still only -14C here, but I'm hopeful.

I managed to get a few pen & ink drawings either done or at different stages of development and have started to develop the (now defunct) background for snowfall into a painting by itself.


  1. Você fez! Isto é uma verdadeira nevasca! :)) Muito bom!
    Um abraço!
    You did it! This is a real blizzard! :)) Very good!

    1. Thank you Elena ... I'm just hoping that we don't get any more snow ... tho', I think that is wishful thinking ;)

  2. I did see two grackles on a wire. I'm slightly hopeful. The stitching looks great!

    1. We had a beautiful hoar frost this morning and it wasn't stopping the robins ...they are very busy, which makes me hopeful that they know more than we do.
      Thanks, Elle

  3. looks like the pine in my backyard right now--beautiful, wintery and soft

    1. Isn't that beautiful ?? Have robins arrived in your neck of the woods yet ?? Believe !

  4. and there are definitely NO grackles around.............

  5. This is SO beautiful - I'm so glad I caught up with you and it ... I've not been a good blog follower this last couple of weeks - just too much to do!
    The machine stitch is so wonderfully right for the subject of this piece. I can feel the cold and see the cushions of snow on the pines - lovely!
    Hope the snow and the dreadful cold go soon.

  6. Thank you CS .... my brief glance at your blog showed me how busy you are ! Very exciting things happening there !
    It is starting to creep up to above 0C now and some rain has begun. Snowbanks are melting away and the roads are clear ... so looking up ! Just can't shake that cold to the bone feeling, yet.


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