Apr 7, 2014

A Grand Affair

A Tribute to the Group of Seven 
by Connections Fibre Artists

As the guest curator for this show I often worried whether it would come off well ... but it was a fine success !
26 fibre artists with 60 fibre art pieces on the walls !
I found myself being congratulated constantly with never much time to take good photos of the crowd (I'm not complaining ;)) 
The photos below were  taken just before the show officially opened. The crowds came at about 7:30 pm and there was no more time to get closer photos of viewers & art works. 
I was able to get very good 'detail' shots of most pieces before they were hung last Tues. The 'details' are going onto a rack card that I hope to design for the next gallery, if we get to send the show traveling ... we'll see. I will be heading back in the next few weeks to get more photos.
Video by a local media company --- interviewed as many artists as he could find assisted by the gallery's assistant curator.

Had to sneak in a photo of my very supportive gr. daughters ;)
John Willard's quilt of the Titanic meeting a 'Lawren Harris' style iceberg was a crowd pleaser.
Susan, the curator welcoming guests.

fellow fibre artists; Frankie LeMonde-Meunier, Gunnel Hag & Jennie Wood
Very supportive husbands and friends of the artists.

Fellow fibre artist, Ralph Beney, being interviewed 
The refreshment room

Our very smart-looking, 'Smart Serve' guys - Stan, a very supportive husband,
and fellow fibre artist, Dwayne Wanner.
This gallery is beautiful with some stone walls. It was built in the late 1800's as a Poor House for individuals who were 'infirm', destitute and/or had no one to care for them. About 100 years later (1970's) it was turned into a museum, carefully documenting the history and historical items of the times. It was a working farm and today even the barn is a museum display. A small graveyard was found abandoned in a copse of pine trees ...  it was restored and visitors can visit and pay their respects to over 200 souls who had no one to come collect and bury the dead.


  1. A beautiful space--can't wait to see some detail shots!

    1. Hi Arlee ... been awful busy and without a computer since I posted ... and I'm house-sitting again ... but, yes, I intend to post pictures of the show as soon as I find an hour or two.

  2. Replies
    1. I wish you could see it ! Will visit soon !

  3. What a lovely space indeed - large with plenty of space to view, well-lit and the possibility of showing 3D? - how I envy you! Those little glimpses of work behind all the visitors are tantalising. I can't wait to see more ...

  4. It's a fantastic show. I was very impressed with all the different works and would like to take a second peek.

  5. Thank you Leah .... Welcome ! ... you've joined my site and I have been too busy to notice !
    I am glad that you saw the show ... if you were there opening night I probably met you but I met and talked to so many that I just don't remember. I'd love to meet you and I, too, am going back to take a quieter look at the show and take pic.'s ... maybe we could meet there ?

  6. Sharron, the was incredible! You should be so proud of how it all came together. I've told lots of friends about it and plan to return with some of them so I can enjoy another look. Your thread painting just blows me away!

    1. It was so nice to see you again Linda ... and welcome to my blog !!
      It was a fabulous success with quite a number of sales to date ! I, too, am heading there next week to have a good look at the show and take photos ... there just wasn't time that night. Thanks for the compliment and hopefully we will run into each other there !

  7. Huge congrats. What a great looking show! And after reading your most recent post, very successful (not surprising). How exciting. I do wish I lived closer but I shall look forward to more pictures so I can pretend I was there! Congratulations again.

  8. Wow! Congratulations on the many successes this post celebrates.


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