Apr 17, 2014

A Time To Breathe ;)

It's been 2 weeks since the opening of 'Celebrate The Seven' and my head finally seems to be getting back to normal .... and, I can breathe again !
I had the chance to come down from such a great 'high' with another house-sitting stint just a few days later ... peace & quiet ... for 11 days ... just me and my sewing machine. Time to think and sort all that the last year had dumped into the many little boxes that comprise my brain.
The show was a definite success and 7 pieces of art have been sold so far, including one of mine ! :)  I will be off to the gallery next week to take the photos I didn't have a chance to take opening night ... will post them soon.
Sold-approx. 12"x17"
Remember this from a few mos. back ? ... destined to be part of a much bigger whole, with heavy snow draped over the trunks of an over-grown hedge 

Now enlarged upon without the heavy snow. It is now a copse of trees with that one, odd tree that still holds onto a few dead leaves throughout the entire winter.
 The 'odd' tree has been hand-stitched with a hand-dyed thread that I was working with here. Very hard slogging through painters' canvas and med. weight interfacing on the back ! The thread is variegated blue, brown, beige ... the tree barely visible. Not quite finished with some red dogwood branches to be added in the foreground. Finished size will be approx. 18"x18"


  1. I sew admire your ability to render this trees in all their amazingness!

  2. Bom, muito muito bom!
    Você conseguiu um ótimo resultado!
    Um abraço!
    Good, very very good!
    You got a great result!

  3. Beautiful - you achieve such amazing depth with your stitching and I love the one delicate, hand stitched tree with it's tiny branches - the odd one out or the exception to the rule?

  4. Thank you ladies,
    I love trees ... especially naked, winter trees, when they become 'ladies in waiting' !
    They have such character when you see their bare bones.

  5. Sharon... this new piece is just amazing and love the specifically focused additions you include to take the viewer to that place in your minds eye that they too can see though your beautiful thread work. Cannot wait to see it finished... humm...18 x 18, Noteworthy!

  6. Thank you Bethany ... I had to point out the tree because while out driving past these little forests I often do not see them until I see something just out of the corner of my eye ... easily missed ... like little fairies.
    It is finished except for the framing.


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