May 1, 2014

... sadness, reminiscings, catching up

It's May ! Hurray ! The snow is gone (not always a sure thing, not even in May !) and I'm looking forward to some warmer days of Spring. It's been raining these last few days but it is needed.

Last week, a dear friend, John Willard, lost his battle with cancer. He was one of the original members of Connections Fibre Artists. If you knew John, a memorial page has been set up here for him . More images of his quilts at
John was a lovely man, a very talented fibre artist and teacher, and had a great sense of humour ... He will be missed !

I started the day with a meeting re; Threadworks 2016 - 'FLASHBACK' ... Yes, it has begun again ! While 'flashbacking' I began to reminisce about several 'ancestor' pieces I have floating around in my head ... maybe time to put my ideas down on paper/fibre. Abstracts being on my mind for these ideas, I decided to visit blogger friends that are working in abstract  ... spent the afternoon catching up ... man, there is mighty talent out there !

I am house-sitting for a week and have not taken my sewing machine !!! I did gather a bag of similar coloured fabrics and threads to try a bit of hand-embroidery for a change ... in particular, to try some 'little stitched sketches', inspired by my blogger friend Charlton Stitcher.  Still searching to become more 'abstract' in my art, I am going to follow her lead and see where that takes me.
Along the way, I read a very interesting blog post at ... a very, brutally honest look at herself as an artist .... most of us have these thoughts ... but these thoughts rarely make it past the lips ! Bravo Constance Rose !

Several hours were spent designing the poster for Threadworks, and several more hours were spent catching up on my work journal ... sketching, planning, fixing photos ... at least 3 future
threadpaintings, 5 pen/inks and a Christmas card. ... this should keep my nose clean for a while !

So, back to the table spread ... as much as I would rather work in black/white/grey, I opted to gather 'precious' bits of beige that have accumulated for many years. Chiffons, netting, silk, linen & some I do not recognize ... Oh yah, & some beads & complimentary threads. I shall look at them again in the morning.
Good night friends.


  1. Looks like you are on an interesting quest and I'm looking forward to see how it turns out!

    1. I'm not looking for miracles .but I'm sure I'll enjoy the journey ... To a point ;)

  2. Maybe THIS time i will make work, maybe this time :)
    And have fun with the hand side !

    1. I hope THIS time is your time arlee ... I'll post as soon as I can.
      As for the hand work ... It will be at the very least a rest from the sewing machine ... But will never be as intricate as your work!

  3. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. It is never easy is it? When friends die I mean. It is such a different loss than a family member. Sometimes even more painful I have found. I too read Connie's post. I hope she keeps painting. She is a talented painter even though she thinks not right now.....Well as the chickadees say "spring soon"....

  4. John was such a wonderful person and quilter. I remember years ago when he first came to our guild to talk about his quilts, he didn't want the high fee that other quilters charged. He was happy charging us a much lower rate. We had him speak a couple of times - in his early days. My condolences go out to his partner, family and friends.

    1. May I copy your comment about John and post it to his memorial page ... Your words are lovely. He was a gentleman.

  5. I think she is great artist ... But we are our worst critics aren't we ?

  6. Hi Sharron
    I've been away in Scotland with only intermittent wi-fi connection and just found this post. I've done a couple more of those little stitch sketches while I've been away - great to pick up on long journeys - and will post them when I've had time to draw breath. Great to think of you hand stitching in the abstract! I'm really looking forward to seeing the result.


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