May 12, 2014

Small Stitched Sketches

My friend and fellow blogger, Charlton Stitcher, was doing what she calls 'a stitched doodle' recently and she made it looks so easy to this died-in-the-wool sewing machine devotee. 
Having arthritic hands hinders hand-stirching for me but occasionally I like to keep my 'hand' in embroidery. 
While packing a bag to head to my house-sitting jaunt, a few weeks ago, I threw a variety of little beige/white fabrics and complimentary threads in a zip-lock to practise what CS makes look so easy. 
the scraps - silks, linen, chiffon and some I don't recognize

several hours later (terrible decision maker when it comes to this exercise) almost ready to stitch
I felt that some of these snippets of fabric would be well suited to some sepia marker ... you know I love trees. It was dawning on me that I had scenery in mind.  A particular scenery, actually ... before I knew it I had a 'river runs through it', a winter corn field, a fence post and some trees (one that didn't survive the ice storm and one did).
Pieces were switched around a few times before I was happy with my 'sketch'.
Then , the inevitable happened. I was adding so many stitches ... drawing a picture, telling a story ! 
I can't seem to help myself ! This was looking like all the scenes in my county (Wellington) that I have witnessed this winter ... snow, ice and damaged trees ... a corn field covered in ice and snow. Everywhere a thicket and half-buried fence posts .... but I love it ! 
Sure, it didn't turn out to be simple ... but maybe next time.
Still stitching, adding broken wire fencing ... stay tuned.
ps: CS; thanks for the inspiration ;) ... this has been the best solution when I am only gone for a week.


  1. Such an exciting piece of work -love it!

  2. It is wonderful! I want to do some of this kind free hand embroidery myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Elle. I had said to Charlton Stitcher that we should get together with a few blogger buddies and start a 'Stitched Sketches' club. We could start with a theme, a size, a colour and see what each other comes up with ?

  3. Oh how gorgeous!!! I love the flow of the piece and your handstitching is fabulous!! And isn't it wonderful, getting drawn into and carried away with a piece of work! And to quote Dr Seuss, 'oh the places you will go"!!!!

  4. Thanks Marny,
    I'm not well known for my stitches and like to use straight,fly and couch stitches only ... not so adventurous with fancy, more complicated ones.
    Not sure that I will go many places with this , but I will try.

  5. Hi Sharron - wonderful - you describe exactly the way I work!
    I too start with fabrics, for me, often printed in an abstract way, find suitable threads and then start to stitch initially taking the suggestions from my fabric. The fabrics usually give me a hint of a starting place and then after only a very few moments, I find myself beginning to draw a picture and tell a story. That story may be an abstract one but I always have something of a story in my head as I stitch.
    And I'm definitely still up for that 'Stitched Sketches' club ... and they don't all have to be hand stitched. I'm sure the same approach could be taken with a machine. When do we start?!!
    Here's to 'Stitched Sketches' Margaret (I don't know why I seem to travel in blogland incognito!)

  6. Thanks Margaret (CS was just so cute and a lot easier than the full title of your blog) for the explanation ... I am ready to start whenever you have the time to set up a 'blurb' and ask for friends to join. We may only have 3 to start but that's OK !
    Elle, myself & you ... not a bad start.

  7. mmmmmhmmmm! That is beautiful! ; ) You are so good at that.

  8. Hi Monika ... I truly am to very good at this at all, but thank you for your kind words. You , on the other hand ARE ! For me, it's the challenge to myself that makes this appealing. The hand stitching is difficult ... but this size is manageable. So much faster on a machine !

  9. This is so good. Love when you end up telling a story with your art.

  10. Hi Lucy !
    Thank you so much ! Seems I am a 'yakker' in every part of my life ... lol !


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