May 21, 2014

Winter In Wellington County

Ok ... now it has a name and the stitching is finished ... now what ? I'd like to put this on a background fabric but haven't a clue how to attach it ??? 
Do I just pick a stitch and go 'round it or do I hide the attachment stitches ?

top left detail of river/creek snaking it's way through the landscape and a thicket and, of course the ever present winter-dried corn field.
my own photo of snow-topped field corn covered in ice

bottom right corner - fence post and cattle fence.
This was fun, tho' slow going for me ... and very therapeutic.  I want to do more, especially if they are this size. Hopefully I can eventually get to less stitching ... but I'm not sure I can give up the small details ;)


  1. Ahhh what a beautiful piece of work !!!
    Ha, though I love the weather May brings, this is very lovely stitching !

    You might do an invisible "glueing" work and background together with
    one light thread : picking up the tiniest of stitches of the front and a long
    one picking up the backing fabric. Just a lot of un-even running stitches.
    The tiny stitches in the front will just disappear in the embroidery ....
    (This I learned during classes of Jude Hill "spiritcloth")

  2. Thank you very much Els,
    I learned that technique a long time ago, as I used to attach felted work to a background that way ... good idea !

  3. It's a lovely piece ... and I especially like the uneven, unfinished edge and the threads hanging off - so I'd say no to stitching round the edge and yes to small, hidden attachment stitches ... but that's just my thought.

  4. Thank you Margaret,
    I was wondering about the loose ends and the uneven edges ... I like them and they go with my attempt to be 'freer'. I shall fasten this piece to a proper backing with hidden stitches :)


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