Jun 8, 2014

Busy With Life

Been busy with 'life' and not keeping up with my blog these last few weeks.
My excuses are many; 
- finalizing the end of our show 'Celebrate The Seven' which amounts to a lot of note taking and paper work and behind the scenes stuff
- determining disposal of all pieces of art from the show (either to maker or new owner), making sure the new owners will get there purchase when/where
- getting enough members to form a crew that will competently re-pack works of art for return and storage for it's next venue ... yes ! another gallery is waiting for this show !
- waiting with bated breath for a few more pieces to sell before the show comes down this coming Monday ... 13 pieces have sold to date ! 
- dealing with my mail server when a years' worth of email (mostly pertaining to the making of this show and hundreds of photos of said) (yes I have photos and downloads saved) has gone missing !
- coming down with a nasty cold just as the weather begins to feel like summer 
- living with 5 extra bodies in my house & then 2 toddler gr. sons who are now being babysat at my house Mon - Fri 
- birthdays - an old-fashioned tea party playing in my kitchen today , for a sweet sixteen gr. daughter 

- and lots more, often mundane, things that go on in my life before art ! And sometimes there really isn't anything worth taking up your time with.
These are all deemed EXCUSES in the article I am about to tell you about ! 
After all Tolstoy wrote his classic while being father to 13 children... HA !!! Don't get me started !

So, in the few minutes that I find to myself, I have been reading articles written on the http://www.textileartist.org blog and thoroughly enjoying all of it ... until I began reading Do You Have The Mind-set of a Professional Artist ?

One quote has re-opened an old peeve and is still causing much bouncing around in the boxes of my mind;
"We tend to narrowly define ‘being a professional’ as being able to make a living at our craft."  
I never will support myself or anyone else on the few paltry dollars I make from my sales ... BUT ... I believe I am professional in my work and that counts way more for me.
I could go on but I highly recommend that you read this article ! I learned lots about myself/my art .... like how big my ego is !

There was another article that I liked; 

How do I come up with topics for my artist blog? ...  with 50 topics to consider writing about, if you are stuck for ideas to write about in your blog ... fun !

I am fairly new to TextileArtist.org and maybe my audience already knows this site very well, but I have to say that I have certainly enjoyed the artists interviews very much ! I love learning.

Now to finish my little abstract piece, in previous article, with thanks to CS.



  1. ah life: how reality intrudes!~

    and yes, being a professional doesn't exactly pay the mortgage here either :)

  2. Thanks for commenting Arlee ! Hope all is well with you now that you are back in your beloved house ;) ... something going your way !


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