Jun 17, 2014

Paper Ribbons

My 'space' is covered in bits of brown paper as I prepare a canvas with new work ... a winter threadpainting. 
Last winter is shaping up to be a focal point in my work direction this summer. I have so many photographs of the hard winter of 2014, that it made sense to portray some in threadpaintings.  I shall plough on in spite of stiff joints, a torn rotator cuff and the usual aches and pains that always seem worse in spring.  June has brought some warm days, cold nights and spring rains.

Box of paper ribbons ... all pattern pieces for a new, as of yet, untitled threadpainting
... draw tees, cut out trees, trace trees upside down on Wonder-Under ironed to hand-painted fabric, cut out trees again ...

the bare bones of a new piece of work
Original working sketch from my own photograph ... still untitled ... 22"x38"


  1. Wow, thanks so much for showing us the beginnings of your process. I think we all forget (thank goodness!) how many decisions and how much work goes into each one of the works that we do. Right from the piece's inception. It will be fun to see how this piece progresses, do please remember to photo it's various stages. And I'm so sorry to hear about the aches and pains....I find it so interesting how one has to just 'up the bar' on what is normal and then carry on anyway. But I bet you will get caught up in your new winter scene and all else will fade away. Here's wishing you pleasant weather to soothe your joints and smooth the way to lots of creating!!

    1. I am always surprised when a non- creative person asks about my work and see the stunned look on their faces when I describe the process from scratch ... The washing of fabric, painting of said fabric in quantity that will allow for ease, the drying of the painted swatches and the hopefulness that the dried paint is the exact colour that I had in mind, the original sketch in the size I desire, copying the sketch to use as basic pattern pieces to be cut out of paper, so, and so on ... I don't know what they expect, but I can only hope that they can see how the price of a piece is justified.
      As for my aches and pains, just part of me, and soon, surgery to repair the tear in Oct. ... That will help some of my pain ... And you are absolutely right ... I will get caught up in this piece and forget the pain for awhile ;)

  2. I'm really fascinated to see what these will become - and to get a hint of your process.

  3. Hi CS, I think I love the process just as much as the finished piece, myself. Will post photo as soon as I cut out and paste reflected trees on little strip of the stream.


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