Jul 4, 2014

C F A (Connections Fibre Artists) Playday/Retreat, June, 2014

A little history: 
Many years ago, Connections (as it was known then) picked a weekend in June where we would 'retreat' to the country home of former member, Anne Luxton. 
Her beautiful, spacious home was situated on 20 acres in Arthur Township, Wellington County, ON ... and she had many beds ... and we filled them ! 
3-4 days of relaxation, shared books, small workshops on new techniques, talking, laughing, crying ... shared potluck meals, wine, swimming in the pond with hungry brown trout, walks in the bush ... so many delights and memories ... good food, good times, good friends.

Anne moved, became uber-busy and retreats were centred at Sybil Rampen's ancestral country home on the outer fringes of Oakville, ON. 
Before long Sybil's home also became her heart's dream ... The Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre ... a few years, many workmen, much work and little time became the norm for Sybil.
For the last few years Connection Fibre Artists' (C F A) retreat at Sybil's has become a 'one-day playday' in June, with mini workshops, camaraderie, sharing and relaxation ... and lots of food. On any given day there will be 2-3 groups using this centre where art is everything. 
Sometimes we stay into the early evening, coming home with new ideas and cemented friendships.
This year, new member, Bethany Garner, taught a small workshop on batik using soy wax as a resist.
Sybil's gardens are fabulous !
laughter abounds
chatting and catching up
go-round to see what everyone has done
crank out a few more swatches before the day is done
not actually working 'cause catching up and sharing is so relaxing ... after-all it's a small slot of time away from the chores of home
looking good !
the weather was cloudy, humid with a chance of sun ... fabric was drying fast !
time-out for a wade in  the accessibility pool
aaaahh ... what a wonderful day !

Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

Such a great day and such beauty all around.


  1. Hi Elle ... it really is ! Sybil's grandsons all played a part in restructuring her old barn into the beautiful gallery it is today. There is a reference library, a museum, art workshops, a photographer on the premises, a maze added this year and it is a perfect setting for weddings and conferences. We are lucky to be there 4 times a year.

  2. Oh, what a lovely day it looks as if you all had!! The gentle camaraderie of like-minded people is a treasure beyond words. Bravo!

  3. You are so right Marny ! We come with stress from our everyday lives and leave with an easy mind and a creative force building inside ... truly treasured times.


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