Jul 12, 2014

Connections Fibre Artists 2014 - "Celebrate The Seven'

I know it has been a while since I promised pictures of my group's last show ... 'Celebrate The Seven' by Connections Fibre Artists.  We went looking for a photographer who would come to the show and take photos ... thereby having all the photos have the same 'look' instead of a hodge-pode of photos submitted by all of us amateurs.
Ann Sanders convinced her s-i-l, Mathew McCarthy, to do the job for us and it was posted to YouTube.
This show will be heading to Oakville for the whole month of November, 2014. (info to follow).
From there ? ... who knows ?


  1. Really enjoyed the video of the group exhibition. The work is so varied and well executed. I look forward to viewing this exhibition in Oakville in November. xx

  2. We will look forward to seeing you ... I'll try to let you know when the Opening Reception is so that most of us will be there :)

  3. This is so inspiring. How I wish I lived close enough to see all the work 'in the flesh'!

  4. Thank you CS ... As the assistant curator I was very impressed by these works of art ... see something new and wonderful every time I take another look. If you come to our blog (click on Connections Fibre Artists (wearing 2 hats right now) you will see the stills better.


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