Jul 20, 2014

Enough Is Enough, Already !

I awoke this morning with another weather-related headache and stiffer than normal joints ... geeze, I'm tired already of the summer of 2014 ! It's nearing the end of July ! ... Canadian summers are already short enough !
If it isn't raining, big dark-bottomed clouds are racing across the sky and even with brief glimpses of sun, the nights are generally cold. Bloody Cold being the word that we Canadians use when describing the temperature as the snow leaves the surface of the ground, early in the spring. Cool is usually the word I would use to describe some (but very few) summer evenings.
Cold has me ready to scream 'enough is enough already !!!'
It was warmish yesterday, but definitely leading into rain, as I headed out to Elora for Group 5's 'Untitled' exhibition (The Harris Artists Collective) Opening Reception. I just have a small area between 2 large school house windows so 6 pces. were enough. There is a chest-high ledge all around the room which used to be the gym in this old public school.
I had to 'fix' these photos as the day was dark with rain on Thurs. when I hung these pieces. Attendance at the opening was middling but I had a chance to talk about my work to quite a few interested visitors ... and that's the best part for me.


the window sill piece
Anyway, it was gently raining when I headed toward my friend (and mentor) Elizabeth's house to do a quick exchange of treasures ... a small pce of beautiful bark for me and some light green, glass containers for her. Driving up her driveway reminded me to take a picture of the tree that had gotten blown down in last week's storm.

The 1st 2 pic.s are those that Elizabeth took ... the house is behind and untouched. Oh, look ... some sun after the storm !
Her husband standing in the fallen tree ...soooo huge when on the ground !

These last 2 pics are mine of where this tree used to be.
Still raining as I headed home along a back country road ... stopping to take some shots of the beautiful, if not soaking wet, country-side where the crops are making a good show, none the less.

Threatening clouds on one side of the road ... 
.... raining on the other, still a little ways off.

No break in the weather today ... just a bit warmer.


  1. yes, I kinda feel like you- enough already! But I doubt it does any good and one just keeps on doing what we know to do. Happy creating. And your show pieces are wonderfully grouped and displayed!

    1. Thanks Elle,
      lol ... no, complaining never got me anywhere with the weather.
      Yesterday was sweltering and today jeans and hoodies are required ... all we can really do is get to work creating !

  2. I fell you about the too short summer! Our nights have been colder than usual here in Calgary, which does not bode well for the garden...
    Boy do i miss those huge old trees! I swear the oldest and biggest around here is our 100 year old apple tree!

    Your show looks fab--and seeing the larger snow laden piece in situ is wonderful!

    1. Thanks for the compliments Arlee re; show.
      The open sky, where the tree used to be, is absolutely amazing ... so big and bright !
      As for the garden, our zucchini is thriving ;)

  3. Sua exposição ficou muito bonita! Parabéns!
    Lindas paisagens!
    O tempo está estranho em todas as partes do mundo. Aqui, na minha região estamos sofrendo com a falta de chuvas...
    Um abraço! Saúde!
    Your exposure was very beautiful! Congratulations!
    Beautiful scenery!
    The weather is weird in all parts of the world. Here in my region are suffering from lack of rain ...
    Hugs! Health!

    1. Thank you Elena.
      You are very right ... the weather is unusual or extreme all over the world ... I shouldn't complain about a little more rain or cold ... next year will be better !

  4. I usually see your work in progress photos.

    WOW these look so nice. Presented so well too! : )
    Your inks get me every time. Love the two - fencepost and windowsill - even though they are such different styles.

    Beautiful beautiful.

    (Sorry about that nasty weather!)


    1. Hi Monika ...so glad that you've come to visit ! Thank you for the compliments, too.
      I have just bought a new magazine (to me) called DRAWING ... with motion, anatomy and all about ink as the headliners. So, I am anxious to try ink washes and more intense/detailed works in the future.

  5. Your work looks wonderful. I especially like the wood in winter (the third of your images) and the snow-laden fir tree. I remember admiring those when you first posted them. It's lovely to see them framed and exhibited.
    The Canadian weather seems to have gone mad for 2014! It has been very warm here in the UK so far this summer, with some extraordinary thunderstorms at the end of last week, following on from the wettest winter on record ... mad also!

    1. Thank you Margaret,
      The outer 2 were pieces in another show where 13 pieces of art were sold ... a very successful show !
      Amazing weather everywhere ! ... glad you have a warm summer so far !


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