Jul 8, 2014

Good News On A Dreary Day

Statistics say that the province of Ontario experiences more thunderstorms than any of the other provinces of Canada. Thunderstorms, with lightening, have been rolling through here for the last couple of days. I'm not complaining nor whining. I find this weather energizing most times.
But, this morning the rain came with a very bad headache and my misery had put me to bed most of the day. 

I finally roused myself to have a shower and get dressed for what remains of the day ... and then I opened my email to find a most pleasant surprise !
My pieces Lake Huron Sunset  and Community have both been accepted into the juried show 'Fibre Content' ! The notice of this show is in a post below.

... my headache doesn't seem nearly as bad !  ;)  I hope you are all experiencing some lovely weather of your own.


  1. Lovely pieces. What are their sizes?
    The sun is out now drying up the rain.

    1. Thank you Dolores ... they are approx. 18"x20" ... after barely hitting the 'publish' button for this post, the sky cleared and the sun was gorgeous ... then the sky darkened and black clouds rolled on through, then the sky cleared, etc., etc. ... colder today, too !

  2. WE keep getting down pours. You can imagine the mosquitoes! :( Good for you! Both are great but I am particularly luving that first one!!!

    1. Thank you Elle ... I know your neck of the woods has gotten a lot of rain ... hope the crops are surviving this !

  3. Espero que sua dor de cabeça tenha ido embora.
    Parabéns! São peças lindas e mereceram ser escolhidas!
    Um abraço!

    I hope your headache is gone.
    Congratulations! Pieces are beautiful and deserve to be chosen!

    1. My headache left almost the instant that the sun came out and the sky was clear. Thank you so much for the compliments ! I am heading to your blog this instant !

  4. How exciting getting your pieces into another show!!! But no surprise, they are lovely! And I'm glad your headache cleared up.....don't they have a way of shutting one down? Hopefully now, it's full steam ahead!

  5. Thanks Marny ... my brain is now full steam ahead, body not quite caught up. Heading to the fabric store for supplies ;)


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