Aug 2, 2014

Where'd July Go ?

Since June 25 when I blogged this piece, I have done diddly in the way of stitching ... and I feel guilty about that ... I feel like such a sloth !
I did set it aside, but for good reason. I didn't have a 'need' to finish, thinking that it would be a good project to take with me in September and work on it at my leisure ... but along came a Call For Entry ... due for submission Aug. 15. Can I do it ? I'm going to give it a damned good try.
... a portion of new work 
It is almost 40" long(101cm x 50.8cm)x 20", so I need a lot of surface behind my machine to support the canvas as it runs through my machine ... space that I do not have where I normally do my machine work.

My big kitchen table is ideal and the light is great but peanut butter and jam sandwiches would have compromised the work ... there are 9 people using this table weekdays 5 of them grandchildren.  
I could have worked in my dining room but that seemed too available to my 2 and 3 yr. old gr. sons who are babysat here.
Besides, once I start stitching I do not want to remove all my stuff ... I want it to stay exactly as I leave it when I leave my chair.
So, finding space, time and peace to get started has been scarce.

But a 'space' opened up for the weekend ... the little boys are here today and are being watched and fed and played with by gr.dau's (19 & 16 yrs) who are most capable ... I am not needed ... so my dining room today is my current 'studio' .... and a baby gate separates them from temptation. The rest of the family have gone camping ;)
This piece doesn't require massive amounts of sewing so I'm hoping that I get far enough along this weekend that I might not need to move to my friends' (I have a standing invitation, whenever I need to) house after all !

On another note;
We are social creatures to the inmost centre of our being. 
The notion that one can begin anything at all from scratch, free from the past, or unindented to others, could not conceivably be more wrong. 
-Karl Popper, philosopher and a professor (1902-1994) 
This quote resonated with me, particularly when I have read, or been told so often, by 'artists' that they would never copy someone else's art work ... well ! 
Common sense tells us that our brains collect and store millions of details about everything we see, say, or do.  We are highly influenced by everything we look at, that we touch or read about.
As clever as we are, we add, re-work, enhance and mix it up ... and call it our own.


  1. no one works in a vacuum, but some are able to empty the dust bag more efficiently and find the pieces that get sucked in that are actually their own! :) and yes you meet that deadline!

  2. Like your take on that quote !! ... gotta 'quote' that one day ;)
    I am sailing along on this piece but so far it's just been about stitching down the pieces ... the going will tell when I get to elaborate on the trees and the detail of the snowbank overhanging the creek ... which reminds me ... I have it's name wrong ... but, very excited !

  3. yes, I do agree! People get so hung up on the word original.

  4. Hope your weekend was as productive as you had wished.....did you have monday as a holiday as we did here in BC and still with room and time to stitch?? This is going to be another lovely piece.....I'm sure you'll make your deadline and STILL be able to speak in complete sentences!!!! Onward....


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