Aug 27, 2014

Wow ... I Dyed It ! Now What ?

I have spent the last week or so between pet-sitting last week in a beautiful setting with beautiful gardens below the balcony ....

... and my aunt's 80th birthday this week (she doesn't look a day over 50 !!!!)
As per usual I took her on a driving tour of the area where she grw up and I just had to take this reference photo of the corn this year ! The kind of high corn that I remember, as a child, playing in .... East Wawanosh Twp. Huron County, ON, Canada.         My aunt is 5'6".
On the way home I passed this abandoned homestead which Mother Nature is quickly taking over.

Before I left last week I soaked a small piece of white cotton (6"x12") wrapped around a few purple leaves (I truly have no idea what they were or what I was doing) in a pint jar of hot water ... like sun-brewed tea in a glass pitcher ... then left it in a sunny window. I threw a very tiny piece of rusted iron into the jar for safe measure. I haven't done any of this on my own before but I have been listening, to my group and my blogger friends, somewhat. I opened my tiny bundle today and am surprised with the result ... I didn't expect anything would happen. But my white cotton is a bright shade of yellow (which sure doesn't show in these pics) and even tho' the rusty bit didn't touch the cloth, there is a small rusty spot on the fabric ! (I had remembered that rusty bits would darken the colour).
NOW WHAT ? ;) I've just ironed it but does it need something to 'set' it ? Just experimenting, here.
I have deliberately stayed out of this 'natural dyeing' arena but thought (if it worked) it would give my 19 yr. old gr.dau. & I something to play with when we go camping next week. She is staying with me for a week.

Yes, I am going to be on vacation for 3 weeks starting bright and early Mon. morning, driving north, then north-west for 4 hrs, into the near-northern forests of Ontario ... can't wait ! I will on occasion be in a Tim Horton's to use their free WiFi and catch up on a few things. Otherwise I shall be stitching on something ... I don't have any idea, on what, at this time.
Talk to you soon !


  1. Some lovely photos here. I love the one of your aunt with the corn!! Capturing memories! And the abandoned homestead...sort of sad and romantic at the same time. Thanks for the posting.

    1. Hi Marny ! My aunt was very game to walk over to stand right next to the corn ... we were both surprised at the height of it because from the road it looks like it would be about 6' ! ... this is actually closer to 10' !
      Yes, so sad to see these farms and wonder about it's heyday. Thx for the visit.

  2. What a lovely post. The pictures are all so great. Have a wonderful week!!!

    1. Thank you Elle ... I intend to have a great time !

  3. The garden looks fantastic...the corn, monsterous & the fabric is so cool. My daughter is a knitter & she has been playing with natural dyes from plants off of Many-Hues Acres...the results are always surprising. I haven't dyed anything in quite some time but Jars in the window have got me thinking.

    1. Ya ... I liked the look of the jar in the window, watching the colour darken ... good luck and thx !


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