Oct 9, 2014

Good morning fellow bloggers ;)

I am now able to make capital letters (pretty hard work for these severely arthritic fingers) and feel a little better about posting anything. 
This surgery has truly amplified what has become my particular mantra for 5 1/2 decades 'stop complaining, it could be worse' ... and I am truly thankful that I will be only a one arm bandit for 6 weeks !!! Dressing one's self is easiest when I just wear a nightie ... all day ! Wearing a bra is not an option if you have no one (or just won't allow) else's assistance ... I have always been very independent and really hate to ask for help when I can perfectly manage ... somehow. I am able to use my other hand minimally if the sling allows ... so spreading butter on my toast is now an accomplishment. Personal hygiene .... what can I say that wouldn't be gross ? ... nothing, so I will let your imagination play here ... I just thank god that my wounded wing isn't the dominate one.  So many, teeny, tiny things that I take for granted every minute of my day, are now driving me crazy ! 
But ... I have lots of time to catch up on my soaps and browsing the internet !
In my email this morning was the latest interview by The World of Threads

The World of Threads Festival is a very well-known and far-reaching, yearly celebration of fibre art out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have been reading their interviews, of participating artists, for several years now (secretly hoping that one day I would be good enough to enter and be accepted in one of their shows ). 
Today's interview is of American artist James Arendt http://worldofthreadsfestival.com/artist_interviews/127-jim-arendt-14.html ... wow ! I am a new fan of this artist and his fibre of choice !  Fascinating work and a great interview ! 

"I will not make any boring art" ...  John Baldessari

Happy Thanksgiving  to all who celebrate this weekend !


  1. Oops! Eu tenho estado tão ocupada nos últimos tempos... desculpe, por favor, não escrevi votos de saúde para você! Eu li que você operou, pensei em você com carinho mas não escrevi. Imperdoável!
    Bem, desejo um ótima recuperação, espero que sua mão esteja bem muito rápido!
    Um abraço com carinho!
    Oops! I have been so busy in recent times ... sorry, please do not write wishes for health for you! I read that you worked, I thought of you with love but not written. Unforgivable!
    Well, I wish a exellent recovery, hope your hand is very fast as well!
    An embrace with affection!

  2. oh Eglea ... thank you very much for your well wishes !
    I have been wondering about you ... I can't seem to find your blog and am glad that you made contact. hope all is well with you and yours !

  3. Glad you are thankful and blessings to you indeed!!!

  4. hope you have a very pleasant holiday !


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