Oct 28, 2014

Pen & Ink In Progress

possible Christmas card in progress

26 days and counting ! 16 days to go !
Working with my sewing machine is still a little difficult, being one-armed 
... but pen &ink has been quite successful as I only need one arm ;)
Just a little piece (5"x7") that I started when I was camping in September. 
The natural window lighting has been lacking lately 
... Winter Is Coming !

I have added my blog to the Canadian blog hop at 
... enjoy more blogs and meet new artists !!


  1. Oh NO ! don't tell me there is already snow at your doorstep ???
    Mmmmm been so busy myself that I missed a lot of your wonderful
    glowing red autumn trees !!!! They're magnificent
    (hmmmmm ... and that post about pricing .... :-) ... !)

    Hope all goes well with the recovery of your surgery : yuk ... on your hands,
    must have been unavoidable .... all the best, so you can resume making
    art again ;-)

    1. Thank you for the visit Els ! I'm glad you had a look at our trees and hope that the 'pricing' post was useful to you.

  2. This is so beautiful. What a wonderful card to receive!

  3. If I had your address I would send you one ;)
    Glad you like it ! Hoping to finish it before the weekend ... slow blogger, slow drawer ;)

  4. Absolutely exquisite,Sharon. No prizes for speed anyway, so no problem!

  5. For a one handed artist, the work is exquisite. I can't imagine what you will produce with two hands.

    1. I'm only one-handed temporarily ... surgical repair and physio on my shoulder should be finalized in 2 more months. Thanks so much for your visit !

  6. Lovely. Makes me shiver. lol

  7. Thanks Elle ... looking too cold for you ? Talk of some snow on Halloween night !
    That makes me shiver !... winter so close !

  8. sigh. xoxoxoxox I LOVE YOUR INKS! OMG : ) They get me every time. lol


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