Nov 12, 2014

A Card or a Postcard ?

'Tis The Season ... and I have just hung my Christmas wreath on the front door. 
I love the Christmas season the best and I hear that it will snow the rest of this week and into the next.

I had my 6 week check-up this morning and the doctor is very pleased with my range of motion in my shoulder ... yeah !  no more sling ! Going to get get in my truck and got for a drive !

Anyway, I have had these 2 inks waiting for scanning. I haven't been very happy with my camera of late and scanning isn't turning my crank either ... not the crisp white of the originals.  
I have been pondering whether to have these printed as traditional Christmas cards or print them as postcards. In the past few years I have received quite a number of postcards with Christmas themes & family portraits on them. I quite like them and they are definitely keepsakes and easy to tuck away in albums or wherever one keeps little treasures. Indecision. 

Now that I see them on the computer screen, I think I shall take the traditional route.


  1. The first one is just lovely! :)

  2. Thank you Elle ... these are from my own photos that I took last winter. How's this winter shaping up for you this year ?

  3. So many computer problems- I just hope this reaches you. I tried to reply here and on your blog hop post yesterday when I got back from Scotland but seem to have failed miserably.
    I love these two - how clever you are! The fence is so delicate but if I'm pressed that gorgeous snow laden conifer just wins.

  4. Hi Margaret,
    Hope you had a lovely time in Scotland !
    Too bad about problems with your internet but this post made it through !
    Thank you so much for your comments regarding these 2 'inks'. The snow-laden pine took a long time.

  5. Really both gorgeous, Sharron. Either treatment would be a joy to recieve!


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