Nov 3, 2014

Does She Not Know That It Is November !!

On the way to the opening yesterday, I glanced down at the string of little ghosts my gr. kids had planted in the little garden against the house. Lo & behold my Clematis was still blooming ! It's been a few months since her last blooming ! It isn't even warm here and we had snow Hallowe'en night ! What was she thinking ?

Meanwhile, at the opening  ...  a great turnout on a lovely sunny day.
I have not shown more photos of each piece as it is done best here. Click on the link.


  1. Looks like a great show. Thanks for the link. I'm on my way there now.

  2. good stuff! My clematis amazed me as it hung on through the final bits of the fall.

    1. Thx ! It is so cold these days that I couldn't believe my eyes ! But that garden is pretty well protected and against the house ... probably warmer there than I can imagine .

  3. Wow, Sharron. Connections is so busy with exhibitions. I did not know about this show at the Joshua creek on November 1 - I was in the area too, and would have made an effort to go see. Also the one you are having in Mississauga.
    Maybe we can see that one in December when we are back down from the north.
    warm congratulations.xx


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