Nov 17, 2014

Wise Words

The snow is here to stay ... heading into day 2 of day-long snow fall
Whilst reading about new members of the Around The World Blog Hop, this morning, I somehow stumbled on Danny Gregory ... you know the way it goes, one blog leads to another, one commenter becomes interesting, and leads to another site, more commenters, more sites, via ???, etc., etc ... and before long I feel as if I have just travelled around the world but can't remember the route and now I am lost ... thankfully I copied his url ! 
This ATWBH has led me to a lot of bloggers that are extremely interesting and have lots of wise things to say.

The quote below struck me enough that I wish to share his words on the topic that perplexes enough of us when wondering 'am I an artist' ... I remember the angst I felt before I actually said the words, myself, out loud :)

In Danny Gregory's words;
"One thing I keep encountering when I talk to people about starting to draw: fear. People are terrified of pens, paper, and brushes. Art is scary.
So I propose we call it something else. Drawing or journaling or sketching or doodling or sketchbooking or testing your pen. I call it ‘art with a small a‘.
Here’s how I look at it.
There are so many things we are willing to do that we know other people do much better. 
There are all sorts of amazing chefs on TV doing incredible things with scallops and opening four-star restaurants, but we are all still willing to cook some burgers for dinner without being terrified. We don’t say, I just can’t use a microwave, I didn’t go to cooking school.
We may not be ready for the NBA but we’ll toss a basketball around with some buddies. We won’t be headlining at Madison Square Garden or winning any Grammys but we’re all still willing to sing in the shower or whistle while we work. 
We may not be on the Pulitzer shortlist but we can still write an email or a birthday card. 
We are just doing it to have fun. 
Or because it’s an essential part of life. And I think art can be both.
We don’t need to label ourselves chefs, or basketball players, or musicians, or writers. So why does art have to be so different?" Danny Gregory

Personally, I have always thought that everyone has a talent whether a seamstress, blacksmith, farmer or cook. We are all artists. So say it out loud !


  1. The Around the World Blog Hop is great for how it enlightens and connects us. It good to discover your work. I saw on your post that you learned from Martha Cole - I knew her when I lived in Regina, and she was indeed inspirational.

    1. Hi Heather ... I love the connections made. We learn a lot from each other. And yes, Martha was such a calm, easy and informed teacher ... still remember the week that she taught in London, ON.

  2. I can't remember how I found Danny Gregory but he is most enlightening. :)

  3. I agree !
    We had a major (for southern Ontario) snowfall the last 2days ... Winter Is Here ! Hope you haven't too much to handle out there!

  4. I love Danny Gregory's writing - and his enjoyment of what he does - it's very affirming!

  5. Hi Catherine, wish I had found him before now ;)

  6. What wise, wise words. I will have to seek the author of them out.
    I have yet to find the time to do much following up of the blog hop ... Time and a sick PC that means everything has to be done on an iPad or on my husband's laptop when he's not using it ... I can see that I have much to look forward to.


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