Nov 2, 2014

Two Openings In Two Days !

This afternoon I am attending the second opening of 'CELEBRATE THE SEVEN'~ A Tribute to The Group Of Seven by Connections Fibre Artists (CFA). 
They have a blog here.
I am proud to say that this show was a suggestion put forth by myself a few years ago. My vision, then, was that this show would travel as the 100th Anniversary of the Group Of Seven was coming up in 2020.
Well, it has begun ! 
Hubby & I will travel to Burlington, Ontario, this afternoon to see this fabulous show once again. This time with a tribute to a member who passed shortly after our show began last April, 2014.

This past week, the gallery owner and member of CFA Sybil Rampen, Dianne Gibson, Helen Hughes and myself hun this show. Sybil's Joshua Creek Heritage Art Gallery is layer out differently than the last gallery and therefore determined a hanging that was much different than the last. Wow, it looks like a brand new show ! I will be posting a few pictures after today's opening.

Just after our fibre pieces were finished for 'Celebrate The Seven', we got down to work on a specific show that was our intention to have ready to travel. The only criteria was that all the pieces be the same size (no more, no less) of 18"x18". The pieces were all due by Oct 22.  A few days before our 'unveiling' we had an urgent request for a show to hang in a The Grange Gallery (Heritage Mississauga) in Mississauga, ON.  The opening is Nov. 4th 6:30-8pm.


 The hanging;

Helen & Dianne doing a fine job !

Alice & Samantha keeping a critical eye on the proceedings.


  1. Good luck with all this - I just wish I could get to see it in person ...

  2. Thanks ... it would be great if we lived closer ;)


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