Jan 2, 2015

A New Year

Wow ! 2015 !

I have been thinking about this year for a few months now ... it's a new start on so many levels for me. 
I am starting a new drug for my rheumatoid arthritis ... self-injected ... that promises to bring much needed relief.
A few months ago my nurse practitioner suggested that I sign up for the bariatric program (weight loss) at our hospital ... she told me I would be on a waiting list and not to expect a call until April of 2015.
My blood pressure is under control again ... yeah !
As well, I had asked Santa to bring me a pair of Nordic Walking Sticks !

So now, 
... I start my new drug Jan. 7th 
... just got THE call for the program orientation meeting for Jan. 8th  
... and I will start walking in the mall with my new sticks next week 
oh, yes and new sleeping and working splints for my hands Jan 5th !
A new woman coming up !

2014 was full of art, juried shows, awards and planning of new shows, gearing up for a td-annual juried show that I co-ordinate, etc., etc., ... and by the time the holidays came I was exhausted ... too pooped to think about new work, let alone do any ... but the break was good ... new desire and new ideas should see me at the sewing machine again soon.

Happy New Year to you all ... I hope that the celebrations with family and friends, re-acquaintances and feasts, all help you start off the new year with spring in your step and inspiration filling your brain !

ps ... just passed the 30,000 visitors mark ! WooHoo !

my inspiration ... photo from my vacation in Sept.

some quick sketches of my own photo


  1. Sharron! Looks like things are off to a great start for you in this brand new year. So glad you got some rest and are all rejuvenated. Blessings!!!

  2. I have positive thoughts for 2015 ... thats a head start for sure. Thanks Elle.

  3. Noticias boas e coisas boas acontecendo! Isto é muito bom! Fico feliz por você!
    Um abraço!

    Good news and good things happening! This is very good! I'm happy for you!

  4. All good wishes for everything ... your health, your new ideas and your new work ... I will be visiting!

  5. Love your visits and look forward to more in this new year ;)

  6. Oh Sharron - rejuvenation and good health to you!!

    Always love your sketches xo

    Talk soon,


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