Jan 16, 2015

In A Slump ;(

It has taken me a long time (for a blogger) to sit myself down and actually decide how to proceed in this new year ... chatty Cathy has left the building.
I have been filling this slump by reading many blogs where, in this new year, reviews of the last year seemed to be popular posts complete with oodles of photos.
Or, where self-questioning re; focus, series or no series, new directions, to blog or not to blog were the topics.
Still others went straight to their next project with gusto ... amen !
I have been in an art slump for many months ... having an extended holiday season didn't help. Losing a valuable connection with a local group of artists due to changes at an art centre last fall, doesn't help my drive to create, either.
I have been questioning my reasons for blogging. Blogging, when I first started, seemed to me to be a great way to meet lots of artists and find inspiration from artistic enthusiasm. Absolotely successful endeavour ... I have met many wonderful artists friends by blogging ;) The downfall, though, is trying to keep a presence on their blogs, to say, "I'm still here, I love your work, I cherish our connection".

I will continue to blog, I have quit Facebook (freeing up more time), and will continue a documentation of my reason for being ... soon ;)
As to my slump, cleaning and sorting in my 'studio' is the current action ... soon great ideas will emerge, I'm sure.
So, if you are wondering where Sharron is, know that I am working on it.


  1. An all too familiar litany here, my dear. Do what you need to. I for one am tired of "competing" and being perky.....

    1. I knew I could count on you to understand perfectly ! ;)
      Organizing is helping me see the potential right under my nose.

  2. Oh Sharron, take good care of you. But oh my goodness, do I know that place. To blog or not to blog..and than what can I write?...and what about all this 'stuff'? I have way too much 'stuff' and putting off cleaning as I do doesn't help! I've always loved that little quote 'does this clutter make my butt look fat?'. In my case, yup! Maybe I'll have some tea and toast, think about a blog post and consider the studio chaos....or maybe I'll just read!

    1. Thx Marny, this 'place' is starting to look and feel better ... guess it just needed me to voice it out loud ;)
      Organizing is helping immensely ... now does my butt look fat ?
      Tea and toast is always a good way to go and a good book can transport you away from the problem at hand ... need to hit the library !

  3. I do hear you as I've been somewhat suffering in the same manner. Yes, we'll blog. But we'll be the masters and not let it blog us! Here is to the ride up from the slumpy bottom!

  4. Hi Elle ... love your very positive advice ... thanks !

  5. I sympathise with you very much about losing a valuable link with a group of artists ... the peer group support is SO important. For me, it is very hard to find a suitable group to join ... how I would like to find one!

  6. The best part of this group was the fact that they were a diverse bunch, so mingling with painters, sculptors, jewellers and other fibre artists was good for the soul. I even enjoyed my turns at 'sitting' on weekends, meeting and gabbing with the visitors. I am still on the lookout :)


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