Jan 20, 2015

It's A Start

So, I went back to my 3 little sketches ... going with sketch on the right for now ...
photo wouldn't up-right
and my original photo of this tree at sunset, in Killbear ProvincialPark, Sept., 2014.

I found, in my half-hearted attempt to clean and organize my 'studio', a roll of heavy brown paper (the support system of wrapping paper these days) ... and yes, I tend to 'save' such potential papers.

I cut a piece the size of a printer sheet and used a few dabs of a glue stick to attach a scrap of a sample (had sunset colours on it) of painting using Colour-Vie ... my dear friends and colleagues Elizabeth, Maggie & Gunnel live, teach, stitch, using this paint !
-popped collage into my printer and was pleased with the result - hand torn edges - but needed a proper colour for the background ... tea-dyed a piece of heavy muslin
- found some graph paper and drew the tree ... I intend to stitch this tree on water-soluble, using a satin stitch in parallel rows - something I did a while back when doing a Tom Thompson (Group of Seven) piece a while back
... so used the graph paper to draw squared-off clumps of pine boughs based on my photo.
To round out the final idea, I added a smaller, but zoomed image of the fence and sand ... a piece of dyed cheesecloth has been nosing in on the process.  Now I have something to stitch ... whew !!

I have wrestled with doing this in the similar fashion of an earlier piece, but I love trees and can do a whole series this way. It may look piece-meal and look like gobbledygook,  but it's a start.


  1. Wow! You have definitely left slump behind. I luv your process. Colour Vie? omg I checked the link and I'm a believer. Canadian, too! Thanks

  2. i always find it amazing how people's process works, and the end result being so much more than the sum of its parts---good on ya, keep going i like this one with the pinks
    on a side note: ever watch Murdoch Mysteries? Thom Thomson was on ;)

  3. I think the process is just as much fun as the result. Thank you ;) ... and, no, I never watch Murdock Mysteries but Hubby loves it.

  4. Printing onto a collage of (thin) papers has been in my mind for a while. Seeing your lovely pieces, I really must have a go ...

  5. You have to try it, Margaret ! ... I will be waiting to see results ;)

  6. Happy New Year Sharron!
    Glad to see that you have a project to get you through the winter.
    It looks great.

  7. Love it when you visit, Judy ! Just in the water-soluble stage now and it will take up a fair amount of time ;)

  8. Thanks for visiting,you have some interesting ideas here.

  9. Hi Jackie ... lovely to have you visit ... a small part of my brain is saying repeatedly "zentangles on fabric !" ;)


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