Jan 25, 2015

'Sunset ~ Parry Sound Killbear'

Making some progress on my newest work. I drew up another quick sketch just to show how my zig-zag stitch will look as the treatment for the pine boughs. I used my aquarelles and my (black with 1/2 a sugar) coffee for colour ;)

Also started stitching the 'big' tree which will (when done and washed of the water-soluble)  be placed over the whole collage and stitched down - see previous post.

I am getting anxious for the great assemblage.
stitching on Wet N Gone by Floriana here
building a good solid base for the future zig-zag stit
If you are new to stitching on a water-soluble, I highly recommend 'Wet N Gone'. It is great to work with ... very strong and tightens in the hoop without worry of tearing, and takes loads of stitching without holes opening up before you've had a chance to take the hoop away.

*Watch for tomorrow's post (January 25) - Grow Your Blog Party - when almost 400 bloggers from around the world will be visiting each other, all day. This will be a great opportunity to meet and greet bloggers of many disciplines of fibre art ! This affair is engineered by Vicki Boster at '2 Bags Full'.


  1. Did you forget to post the Grow Your Blog party post? It was to be up late last night. Please do the post as soon as possible, and Vicki needs you to do your volunteer assignment. Thanks!

  2. I love what's happening in your latest piece of stitch. It's fascinating to see the growth process!

    1. Thank you Margaret ... it's the journey that's so exciting ;)

  3. This is wonderful. I think I have some of that Wet and Gone in my stash..must give it a try. Thanks for the reminder! And love your Grow your Blog posting. Onward!!!

    1. Hi Marny and thank you for your visit ... and, yes, get that Wet N Gone out and work some magic !


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