Feb 26, 2015

'Blown Away'

I am truly blown away !
Visiting a fellow blogger, Leah Hughes , yesterday  and found this on her blog ... had to share it with you ! .... if you haven't seen this already, please take a look!
I wish I was savvy enough to show you an image of this sculpture by Penny Hardy.

'Through Our Hands' Magazine; this months issue is full of interest, but the article I love the best is  Linda & Laura Kemshall's Soapbox~ deja vu.  Something to think about !


  1. THANK YOU !!!
    What an amazing figure that is !!!!
    It really blows one away !

  2. That's one of my favourite pieces. I first saw it posted on Facebook by Faerie Magazine. When I saw it I thought of a tree dryad. It looks rooted into the ground like a great tree and the spirit and soul of the tree is alive and exulting.

  3. Hi Mary Ann ... exactly ... now, all I want is to see this in person !


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