Feb 25, 2015

One More Kick At The Cat

Propped up against my shelving unit, 
'Sunset~Parry Sound~Killbear' 
is looking pretty good to me. 
I stretched it by myself, and the palm of my left hand is feeling abused still 
... hammering those staples home & stretching the canvas 
is no picnic for arthritic hands ;)
This photo isn't the best ... too pink in the sand (cheesecloth) area. Did I tell you that the background fabric was tea dyed ? looking a little greyer than it's actual warm beige.
Ontario, Canada has been under 30C for over a month !!!!  OOPs ... meant under 0C  !
Mama Nature ... we've had enough ! ! !


  1. The winter has been unusually cold in southern ont. I am done and so is my aches and pains... But my weather geek husband sayes the two week forecast is still under 0 C.
    At least it has been a bit more sunny.....
    I do like your piece. The trees call me from cottage country.....

    1. Hi Jo, just re-read what I wrote ... meant to say we have been below 0C for over a month ... often -30C, but never really warming up above -12C ... yeah, enough is enough !
      Thank you and yes I'd love to get back to this area, too :)

  2. Nice composition. I really like the fence line and the gauzy sand!

    1. Thank you Elle ... that little bit of hand-dyed cheesecloth was begging me to put her there and it works well, I think ;)

  3. ... And it's looking pretty good to me too. I especially like the way the two trees echo one another without the piece becoming unbalanced ... very clever!

    1. Thanks Margaret ... I so appreciate your constructive comments ;)

  4. Eu copiei a imagem e ampliei para observar os detalhes.Eu gosto muito como você misturou as técnicas. Um resultado excelente! Parabéns!
    Um abraço!

    I copied and enlarged the image to watch the detalhes.Eu really like how you mixed the techniques. A great result! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Eglea ... thank you very much ! ;)

  5. Your piece looks lovely !
    (hmmmmm ... arthritict hands .... I know something about that ....
    but doing nothing is never an option, is it ;-) !)

  6. Thank you Els ... you know what I'm talking about ! ... and, no, doing nothing is not an option !


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