Mar 21, 2015

Happy Spring Everyone !

Just really need the cold to go away, NOW !  
The snow is almost gone, just a few piles of dirty snow left on either side of the driveway, but almost there, thank goodness ! 
There have been a few days of weather above 0C that tease us to believe that warmer weather is coming. 
But the birds have been sorely missing ... the sparrows that usually hang around, during the winter, are either frozen solid or had decided in December that a Florida migration was a must this year.
February in a local thicket
I have been MIA this past month for no other reason than just general malaise ... not ill, but certainly un-inspired, tired and grumpy. I'll blame it all on the bitter cold, too much snow and the fight my body was in against a drug it did not like ! All my lymph glands were on high alert after the introduction of a 'biologic' for my RA ... I reacted quickly and quit almost as quickly ... but the drug was in my system and I have fought it off for the last 2 months. 
Feeling so much better now. Back to the old standby for relieving my RA aches & pains.

I finally got my 'call' to join a bariatric program ... start in July ! This program will help me lose excess weight and re-program my brain and my current eating habits ... plus I will have a large support system with a doc., dietician, social worker and 20+ buddies who will be trying to lose stubborn weight and learn better eating habits. The program is 24 weeks long !
This can lead to surgery, but that is not my plan ... I eat small as it is, just need to eat better. I'm a bread addict and fruits and vegetables turn me right off ... now I will learn that there is nothing better, right ? Should be interesting ! Exercise will be easier when the weight is off my poor joints and my new walking sticks will come into play.
I should take a before and after pic, lol ! 
I've been inspired, as well, by my daughter who started running a year ago January. She is 5'9" and has run off nearly 100 lbs after having 2 babies ... and she feels and looks great. 
I expect to be a bag of loose skin when I am done :(, but at my age I don't care about that anymore. I expect that I will have a hard time finding my tattoos ... just kidding !
Had a cartoon here but the link didn't work ;(

Some great news, too ! 
A friend has commissioned a threadpainting from me as a wedding gift that he plans to carry all the way to Germany in June ... can you see the big, ridiculously wide grin on my face ? Well, it's there and my smile muscles are getting achy ;) I will begin this project on Monday by hand-painting fabrics ... can hardly wait !


  1. You'll feel so much better once the weather warms up, I know I always do. I thought I was the only person left that could not stand salad, I am a freak in the girl department I swear. I just don't like the stuff I think it's all that chewing. I do like fruit but only some kinds can hardly wait for berries and melons to come into season. July sounds like a turn around month for you and something to look forward to.

    1. I am fantasizing about heat ... we have the sun, but no heat ! Speaking of chewing, have you tried kale in a salad yet ??? OMG ... feel like a goat eating that stuff ... lol !
      So looking forward to July ;)

  2. Nice to know spring is coming and to have optimism and a plan! Onwards and upwards:-)

    1. That's exactly it, Catherine, spring is coming ... hurrah !

  3. All good wishes with your programme. Dieting of any kind is never easy - and far more difficult in the winter when it's so hard to resist all that lovely comfort food. My downfall is cakes in all shapes and sizes.
    We're having a slow spring here but have had little snow all winter. The result is that snowdrops and now daffodils have been blooming for weeks.

    1. Thank you Margaret ;) Comfort food is the best ! Give me a hunk of bread with butter any day. I know, bad !
      We can see where the gardens are now and it's not a pretty sight. Lots of work ahead for this non-gardener. Thank goodness daffodils require little of me ;)

  4. My boys are out shoveling right now.
    Happy Spring and congrats on the commission! : )

    1. Oh no ! Probably heading east, right ... Drat !
      Thanks Monika ;)

  5. So sorry to hear your reaction to new Rx. Fear of that is what scares me about those once-a-year injection meds for osteoporosis or anything else. I mean once they give it to you, you are stuck (pardon the pun). Hope you feel better, that it warms up, and that your commission piece is a joy and a masterpiece!

  6. Hi Kathleen ... yes all these things are scary and I think back on how reluctant my parents and gr.parents were to take any drug ... not even an aspirin ! They stuck it out and managed. I think, at my age, I can do that too !
    Thanks for the good wishes ;)

  7. I'm so sorry you haven't been well and I do hope that things will start to improve for you now. And spring must surely be coming soon (probably just stopped off to wait in a mall or something because it was too cold to do much else!). But I am glad to hear about your new commission and especially glad to hear that you are enthused about it. Things always look better when there is something positive to concentrate on. Here's wishing you sunshine and warmth, luck with the new regime, and lots of happy stitching.....

  8. Oh Marny ... thank you for the good wishes ! It is still very cold here and the long range forecast isn't improving. Work on my commission has begun and that makes me happy !


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