Mar 29, 2015

"It Never Rains But It Pours" !

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers !
Getting through these last 2 months has been a tough one for me. I felt so 'blah' that I was not very inspired to sew or draw or even read ! My health was occupying my 'art' time. I think I have finally/hopefully seen the last of the 'biologic' (for my RA) that was still lurking in my system ... coming out in many minor subtle health issues (my blood pressure, sore eyes, enlarged lymph glands, almost tattoo-like marks at the injection sites, a nostril that poured (but did not develop into a cold) and finally, zits on my nose ! At my age !
You can likely imagine how frustrated I have been lately.
Sharron Elizabeth Deacon and her mother Laura Irene (Currie) Deacon

It was my 67th birthday a few days ago and that fact certainly didn't help to make me inspired, revved up or happy ... but it's just another number, right ? Then I remembered running across these old photos ... isn't she cute ! Yeah, that's me !... I appear to be about 3-4 mos. old, being held in turn by my mother, Laura, and her little sister, my Aunt Donna (she is whom I jaunt off to visit a couple of times a year for some much needed R&R). She is in her early eighties now and loves to have me come for a week so that she can beat the pants off me at Scrabble. We talk a lot and I pick her memory for my genealogy stories.

I finally have my hands on 'STITCH' magazine out of the UK. 
My dear friend Monika had written an article for this magazine last fall and it is just now out in Chapters. She has written a lovely article that will prove very useful to stitchers who aren't into sketch books, yet. Monika has told the story of how my ink drawings showed her how she could interpret her own photos into ink drawings that would guide her in her hand & machine stitched thread paintings.
Monika does exciting work and I hope you drop into her blog and have a look around. She adores her prairie landscape in Saskatchewan, Canada and interprets it with a lovely mix of threads. 

see !! there's my name :0
 Thank you so much Monika !   
Anyway ... 'it never rains but it pours' ... is my lead in to the 3 projects that grace my right board now. We've had a couple of beautifully, brilliant days and the warmth of the sun coming in my studio window called me to get my pencils, paper, hand-painted fab's and water-soluble out and start organizing what I have and what I still need to get, to work on these projects. That was a bit of fun 'cause I discovered some painted fabrics that I forgot about ... but none were right for any of these projects : (  

Project # 1 is hanging from my ironing board waiting for some new painted fabric for the fore-ground (a plethora of autumn grasses) ... inspired by my own photo of a friend's old log cabin property from the 1800's, where the silo stands behind the foundation of the original barn. The scrawny little pine has been done on water-soluble and will be applied last.  The silo hasn't been entirely ironed down yet ... I'll be able to slip the 'grass' right underneath it.  A blown up photo-copied collage of the original photo has been taped to my wall for months now ... 'bout time I did something with it :) 
I have always been interested in these old abandoned silos and have many photos in my archives waiting for attention. Since I have been taking photos, of those that are on route back to the county first settled by my ancestors, I have seen that some have been demolished ... I'm glad I have the photographs.

Project # 2 is the one that a friend has commissioned last week and which needs a few newly hand-painted fabrics to get started ... tomorrow I plan to paint the colours I need. The 'SAPLING' will be done on water-soluble and applied last ... it will be a beautiful fall, crimson maple sapling.

Going back through my sketch books has inspired project # 3. 
The entangled rose that I posted on Feb. 17, 2015, has inspired me to try it on water-soluble ... to be applied by machine to a pale grey hand-painted background. I needed a subject for another 18"x18" piece for our traveling '18Square' show.

So ... lots on my plate that should keep me out of trouble for a few weeks  ;)


  1. Oh gosh, it really does sound as if the last couple of months haven't been much fun at all (understatement, I suspect). And the getting older business, yup, didn't sign up for that either. BUT, good for you, your new projects look smashing. And it looks as if you were having a bit of sunshine when you took the 'entangled rose' pic. Spring time, also good for the health!! Hope everything keeps moving in a positive direction for you. Oh, and happy birthday!

    1. Yup ... a more positive direction ahead. Saw a robin 2 days ago ... a sure harbinger of Spring !
      The aging thing is unavoidable but it still brings me up short at birthday time ;)

  2. First belated congrats, and I hope your health is picking up soon !!!

    What sweet pictures, a view back in time ;-) (I'm two years your senior
    and it's great to have some old family members left to ask for old stories !)

    Lovely new pieces you are working on ! Ahhhh water-soluble is such fun stuff,
    it's like working miracles ;-) (after you washed it away)
    That zentangled rose is gorgeous !!! (that will take quite some time !)

    1. Thank you Els !
      Yes, I don't know what I will do when my aunt is gone ... we are like sisters and get along so well. She is only 14 yrs. older than me.
      Water-soluble is fantastic and I love making my own fabric with it ... thank you for the compliments ;)

  3. another number! I'm right behind you and have found this past year a tad frustrating myself. You and Monika are quite the pair! Hope they still have an issue when I get to Chapters. Such and inspiring place! ;O I upped my camera and it is a bear of a learning curve. But I want my dh and I out and capturing countryside memories (barns for us) and then... Sapling is gorgeous and entangled rose is amazing! Its good to stay outta trouble!!! :)

  4. aaah ... another comrade in arms ;)
    Monika wrote a great article and I hope you get a copy ! You are a way ahead of me in the camera department ... I barely take the time to read my manual before I'm out shooting. My camera is at least 5 yrs. old now and I bet if I went back to read some I'd find that my camera would do more for me ... that's impatience on my part. Thank you for the compliments ... the zentangled rose is so much fun ;)

  5. I love seeing the process of your work - these look like really interesting projects.
    Belated happy birthday and I hope the spring works its magic for you and that you continue to feel better and better.

  6. Thank you Fil !
    It's very sunny today and slowly creeping up in temp. ... 11C by the weekend :) And I'm feeling so much better !

  7. Great photos Sharron! I love old pics. We have done a LOT of genealogy. Great fun:-) Looks like you are going to be busy for some time. I hope your energy holds out. I LOVE the look of the commissioned piece! What do you like for soluble material?

  8. Hi Carolyn ... yup, very busy and loving it !
    I am using Floriani 'WET N GONE' water-soluble stabilizer. I bought a 12" x 12yd. roll a few years ago for about $40 ... love the stuff ! It is tough and can take dense stitching.

  9. Thanks so very much Sharron. I don't use that sort of thing often but when I do, it is good to have a recommendation like this. I have used a Sulky product before and have NOT loved it! Thanks again!

  10. The high contrast zen tangle rose is going to be stunning.
    Good luck with your health issues - and happy birthday. x
    Many more and with good health, I hope.

  11. Absolutely love the photo of you and your mom...both wearing such big, beautiful smiles! Your work is gorgeous. I want to see more of the silo as you progress with it. I love old silos. There is a resort community nearby that has one as a guest cottage cool.

    Hope you feel better each day!

  12. Absolutely love the photo of you and your mom...both wearing such big, beautiful smiles! Your work is gorgeous. I want to see more of the silo as you progress with it. I love old silos. There is a resort community nearby that has one as a guest cottage cool.

    Hope you feel better each day!


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